Monday, October 1, 2018


Life has been full speed lately and this past weekend was the first weekend in months where we had zero plans. We took advantage of that and other than running a few errands on Saturday afternoon and church on Sunday, we stayed in the whole weekend!

Since it's been a little bit since I did a 'life lately' post, here are a few snip-its from the past couple of weeks to round out September.

Last Saturday we went to 'Family Fourth' at Matthew's parents house and then we all went bowling. It was a really fun time and the perfect activity to do since it was a rainy day out.

The rain continued on into the week and I do believe it rained every single day of last week. The rain did bring cooler weather and I did not mind it one bit while I worked from home. I opened the window in my office and listened to it rain all day while the cooler weather came in. So relaxing and a nice change from the HOT weather. 

Reagan was a huge fan of it too. Her favorite place to stay when I work from home, in one of our dining room chairs I brought up to my office by the window. 

Working from home is great until they ask to use cameras and you are in your comfy clothes and have no makeup on lol!

One afternoon last week my uncle surprised me by stopping by the house with this ADORABLE wreath that he found at Home Goods! He knew that we hosted Friendsgiving every year and said I needed it. He's the sweetest!

No political talk here, but I watched the whole senate hearing last Thursday and snapped this picture of Reagan at the perfect moment- it looks like she is watching it too here lol.

I have been doing a lot of painting projects recently. I forgot how much I love painting. Reagan has not been enjoying that because she can't sit in my lap while I paint. I snapped this picture Saturday morning because I took a break from painting and she jumped in my lap as soon as I put the paint brush down, ha!

Matthew grilled us delicious burgers for dinner on Saturday (we had plenty for leftovers too -woo hoo!) night and we watched the State vs. Florida game.

Reagan found a turtle in our backyard while Matthew was grilling. We had to put her inside to get the little fella to safety....away from her and on the OTHER side of the fence. 

We bought new curtains for our living room last month and we absolutely LOVE them. Since our kitchen opens up to our living room I wanted to use the same design. We bought another pair (Amazon for the win!) and I took it to my seamstress in town and she made them into valances for us. They turned out beautifully and I hung them up Saturday night. We are so happy with them and only regret not doing this sooner. I'll share more soon!


  1. Weekends with no plans are sometimes so needed! I love your curtains!

  2. Ohhhh, where did you get that burger press from?! And I had to crack up when you talked about needing to throw on something for a work meeting. That would totally be me if I was told that while working from home, too!

  3. Every time I see something about Friendsgiving, I always think of you!!! I need some new curtains and I never even thought about shopping for them on Amazon!!


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