Friday, March 14, 2014


I usually don't do these or even sign these petitions but this one I could not pass up and I hope you don't either. I have never met this little boy but I can only imagine how much his family is hurting and scared. It seems like every time I get on Facebook I learn of a new child being diagnosed with a horrible disease and it breaks my heart. There is a little girl back home who I have known since the day she was born and has been fighting Neuroblastoma since 2012, she flies to Philadelphia every couple of weeks for just a few days to receive treatments. Her dad was pretty much apart of our family since he lived right behind us while we grew up, always over at our house and now seeing him go through this with his little girl pulls at my heart. This past fall we learned of a little boy at our congregation here in Cookeville who was diagnosed with the same thing and it is just as heartbreaking. So walking into work this morning and seeing this in my inbox from our boss wasn't any different.
So today, take 2 minutes to click on this below and type your name to sign this petition, please.
Will it help? Maybe. Is it worth the try? Definitely.

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