Wednesday, June 13, 2018


When we moved in over two years ago we noticed that out back patio had been painted. It was a cream color and matched the siding on the back of our house pretty well. Over time that paint has been cracking and peeling up, so it was time to get it all up and our patio needed a good cleaning. 
We borrowed a pressure washer from my FIL and got started. It's not a huge patio, but it took quite a bit of time and we ended up having to buy some paint stripping gel to get up the tough parts.


About halfway through...look at the difference!!
In this picture you can see the difference between the clean side (left), the clean, but still painted area (very middle), and the dirty and still painted side (right). 
Also, as you can see in the picture above it did make a mess around the patio in our yard. Once it dried up, I used our shop vac to vacuum up all the paint. 


And with our patio furniture back on there! 

We are hoping to have our patio covered sometime soon, so I wanted to go on and clean it really well before we got started on that! 

Patio Furniture
Outdoor Pillows (sold out, but similar)
Paint Stripping Gel

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