Thursday, January 24, 2019


I told Matthew on our honeymoon that I wanted to start a small tradition in our marriage, where every time we go on a trip together I want to pick up a postcard or two and save them all to look back on over the years. I'm not a big fan of buying t-shirts or other souvenir items that cost a fortune and will soon be forgotten, so a .50 or $1 postcard was it. I have to give full credit to my parent's because this idea came from them. They didn't always pick up a postcard on their trip, but they did pick up travel/hotel pamphlets and documented things on them. I have LOVED looking at these over the years. 

On the back of the postcards I document the following, in bullet point style so it's not 4 paragraphs long or messy....
  • The dates of our trip
  • The reason or occasion of our trip
  • Where all we went (landmarks, shows, etc.)
  • Most memorable moments (ex. me packing over 50lbs in my suitcase for our California trip that caused Matthew to almost crumble with embarrassment in the airport when I had to put some of my clothes & shoes in his bag LOL.)
  • If I can remember (most of the time I forget this and have to go back and add it later), the price of bigger things (ex. cruise ticket, plane ticket, excursion ticket, the cost of the hotel per night, etc.). My parents did this and I love seeing how much things cost back when they went on trips compared to things now- very interesting to me! 

Our cozy fall trip to Gatlinburg! If you have been a long time reader then you remember my post on the BEARS!

Our first cruise to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (a little late)!

Our Charleston trip to celebrate our second anniversary....that we planned a few days before we left!!

Our quick 48 hours in St. Louis!

and our latest trip, California! I haven't been able to blog about it yet, but I am hoping to soon!

How do you remember/document your trips?


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