Thursday, August 13, 2015


I am finally getting around to sharing about our honeymoon with y'all! I uploaded the pictures the other day so here they are!

We left the morning after our wedding bright and early. We stopped at McDonald's on the way to the airport for a quick breakfast. Can I just say living so close to the airport has its perks? Hello extra sleeping time :) We had both packed before our wedding day which helped tremendously! Also, don't you love my luggage set?! There is another small rolling piece to the set.  Matthew picked it out himself! 

 I haven't been on a plane since I was 10 and was a little nervous at first, but loved it! This was both of our first time out of the country. So glad we could check that off together!!

 Our first glimpse of MEXICO :)

The view from our room

Sadly the beaches were covered in seaweed. As in no one was in the water, we never got to get in either but we did enjoy plenty of pool time and lounging on the beach. Everyone was at the pools (there were four total on our resort) so we practically had the whole beach to ourselves! And, they still came down to the beach and took our drink orders. Hello unlimited glasses of coke!

All four pools were beautiful and huge

There was a theater on our resort and they had shows every night!

The show, Grease

I ended up getting a selfie stick, as much as I hate them and laugh when I see people using them. I just knew I didn't want to have to stop and ask people to make our pictures and I wanted good pictures, you only honeymoon once y'all!

Matthew surprised me and booked two excursions while we were there. He told me the night of our rehearsal dinner, and we were PUMPED! He spaced them out perfectly, Tuesday we went and toured Tulum, one of the oldest Mayan Cities, and Thursday we went and rode ATV's though one of the jungles and then went cave exploring. We both agreed that we enjoyed the ATV's and cave exploring the most!

Tulum was very interesting and there was a lot to see! It was extremely hot and really crowded but we had a good time! It's not like we get to see all of that stuff everyday so it was worth it!

These little big guys were EVERYWHERE in Tulum and they weren't afraid to come right up to you. There were even some on our resort but they weren't as friendly, thank goodness!

We weren't allowed to take our camera or phone on the ATV rides or in the caves but they did make pictures of us that we were able to purchase. I did snap this one on our way out though! I will have to do a whole new post about our excursion on Thursday, It was SO much fun!

The food their was different, but there was always plenty. I'm almost positive I had bread and guacamole with every meal. The wedding diet was officially over and I could eat ALL the bread I wanted to that week, HA!!

One of our favorite restaurants was the Italian restaurant. Hello delicious bread and pasta!! I only got the lasagna there but Matthew ordered the ravioli one night and I tried a bite, it was good, too!

On Saturday night, our last night, they had a ton of vendors come in and set up on the resort. It was like a little market that you could go through and buy stuff at. Some people don't leave the resort so we both thought that was pretty cool. This man made magnets. He hand painted most of it, only using a fine brush to do the really small details. He was so talented and did a ton of magnets. We ended up getting two! He put "Honeymoon 2015" on one of them for us! I stood there and watched him make a couple of more because it was just so neat. Matthew got a really nice leather wallet and he picked out THE prettiest necklace and earring set for me! He is so good at picking jewelry out ;)

One of our favorite things to do, I think we did this every night, was to walk down to the beach right after dinner and just lay on the chairs talking, listening to the waves roll in and have our toes in the sand (at least my toes were in the sand, Matthew isn't a big fan of sand lol) We would sit there for at least two hours just talking. We talked about everything, from the wedding, to creating a budget, to where we want to go on our next vacation, to where we see ourselves in 5+ years. It was probably one of the greatest memories I have of our honeymoon, and there were a lot! No one was really down there so we again, had the whole beach to ourselves. A few nights we stayed out there so long it was time for the resort workers to put the chairs up for the night, which was our cue to leave!

Although I can't say we will go back to Mexico or that resort we had the best time together. Whoever thought of the idea of a honeymoon is probably one of my favorite people. Spending the whole week with your new husband, not knowing a single soul around you, limited wifi access, and not having anywhere to be or on a certain schedule was THE absolute best thing the week right after we were married. I'll admit it was a little strange going to work the following Monday and not being with Matthew almost every single minute of the day lol.

My heart is so, so full and I am still on cloud 9!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I totally feel the same way about All Inclusive resorts! We just got back from a week in the Dominican Republic, and although we loved it, we probably wouldn't go back! You can have a great time, and not want to return!
    I love the pink top you wore to the Italian restaurant! It's so cute!


  2. It looks like you had a lovely time!! What a gorgeous place for a honeymoon!!
    Blessings, Rebecca :)

  3. Looks like an amazing trip! And I agree, honeymoons are a great way to start off a marriage.


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