Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1 Corinthians 12: 26-27

I was going to blog today about an update on our apartment and life, but there is something more important than that.

Friday night I was scrolling though my news feed on Facebook and one of my friends shared a status requesting prayers for one of his really good friends. He had been in an awful ATV accident and he had to be air lifted and was undergoing emergency surgery on his brain. One thing led to another and I was on said guy's dad's Facebook. Crazy how that happens, I know. The guy who was injured, his parents are missionaries in Honduras and were trying to book flights back to the states to get to their son. Matthew and I don't know this couple, but we have A LOT of mutual friends, so that's how we 
are seeing all these updates- also, his parents Facebook's are not private and that's how we are able to see their updates as well. 

From looking through a couple of mutual friends facebooks I saw that the guy that was injured, Harrison, had been married a little over a year to his wife, Hayley, and they were in NY for a wedding that Saturday. They had gone out to ride ATV's the night before and that's where he wrecked. By time I went to bed there were a lot of people posting about the accident and asking for prayers. My heart was aching for him, his wife and his family and friends. I told Matthew about it and prayed for them before going to sleep that night.

Saturday morning Matthew and I both had to be up early and the first thing I did when I woke up was check my phone to see if there were any updates. As soon as Facebook came up on my phone I saw a ton of posts on this couple. Literally over 50 posts, I just kept scrolling and scrolling. There was an update saying that his brain injury was devastating and there was some serious damage to his brain stem. As a newlywed I honestly could not imagine going through any of that with my Matthew. 
I had about an hour drive that morning and spent most of my drive praying for this couple, their families and friends and the doctors. I checked for updates throughout the day and his wife had updated that he had wiggled his toes and squeezed their hands in responses to questions. Matthew was with his family in Chattanooga and I was helping host a bridal shower for my best friend in Murfreesboro. So whenever there was an update I would screenshot it and send it to Matthew. I stopped and prayed multiple times throughout the day on Saturday and squeezed Matthew extra hard Saturday night when he got home. 

Sunday we checked Facebook as soon as we both woke up and yet again, I was amazed and people's reactions and response. There were I know 100+ new posts asking for prayers. People that, like us, didn't even know them we sending out prayer request for them. I told Matthew this couple had to really be loved by all the posts we were seeing, and that's when he said "Shel that's what happens when a member of the Church is hurting." Goodness his comment stopped me in my tracks and brought the biggest tears to my eyes. He was SO right. Which made me think of the verses in 1 Corinthians 26-27

1 Corinthians 12:26-27

26 And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.
27 Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually.

The body of Christ has shown SO much love and compassion for this couple, and it's one of the most encouraging things I have ever seen.

Matthew and I both checked Facebook for updates throughout the day on Sunday and when we woke up yesterday. They did an MRI yesterday and had to wait all day on the results. The results were not positive at all. I'll share what his mom posted, "After waiting all day we finally met with the neurosurgeon to discuss the MRI results. The results showed that Harrison has extensive brain damage and according to modern medicine, there isn't much hope. Now we must wait on God. We were encouraged by the fact that he is breathing on his own and very reactive during this evening assessment. Mostly we trust in a God full of compassion and mercy and we are all resolved to praise Him, no matter what! God is good all the time!"  We saw that update last night while at a Sounds game and I about lost it and we almost had to leave. After a few minutes and some silent prayers I calmed myself down and was able to remain calm but the ride home wasn't so pretty. The strength his wife and family are showing is, yet again, so encouraging. I've been in constant prayer for this couple and ask that you pray for them as well. One of their friends set up a GoFundMe account on Saturday and they have already raised over 15,000. God's hands are all over this situation y'all. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17


  1. Wow. I can't even imagine what he and his family are going through. God is so good, all the time & it's so encouraging to see people who believe that truth in the midst of heartache and pain. I'll begin praying for them right now!!!! Please keep us updated.

  2. Sending prayers up for this man and his family! xo

  3. I have followed your blog for a several months. I really enjoy seeing all of the fun things you and Matthew do. Today as I was scrolling I saw this post on Harrison. I don't know him personally but we have been praying. My friend's son goes to Harding and is a friend of Harrison's. Funny how in this big world and all of the internet I see that you are praying for Harrison as well. Isn't our God amazing.


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