Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Letters

This week has been one for the books! So much going on each day and each night I just want to sit down and watch a good movie, or sit down for the entire time of a movie and do nothing, either would be fine lol.

Last weekend we went to Cookeville and brought TWO full car loads of my stuff and this weekend we are doing the same. This time we are calling in for some help from our families and their trucks :) My lease is up tomorrow, so everything's gotta go! I'm a bit emotional about letting my little apartment go (I know, I'm crazy). This was my first place I had all to myself. I didn't have to ask before I decorated or moved anything around, I didn't have to make sure it was 100% spotless every single moment, it was my hiding place when I needed some alone time, and it was just mine. Now of course I love having my forever roommate and our new apartment but I'll always love my little ole Cookeville apartment :) 

Dear August, I really can't even believe you are here. Part of me wants to sob that July, our wedding month, is officially over and the other part wants to jump for joy because we started this month as a married couple. July was such a sweet, sweet month. 

Dear weekend, HEEEEEY, just a few more hours until we meet again ;) Dear feet, so sorry I've tortured you all week with different heels and wedges but they are so cute and look good with my outfits! Dear work, you.have.been.crazy. Dear Nashville home, I am so ready to have everything unpacked, in it's place, organized, and cleaned! I promise this time next week everything will be done! Dear routine, I can't wait to have you back. I live for routine and a schedule and not having one has been killing me! Dear weather, please hold off on the rain and heat this weekend as we are moving my stuff and taking it down a flight of stairs and then up three other flights of stairs (Can someone say GETTIN' MY WORKOUT IN?!?!) Dear wedding photographer, our sweet Heather, we are so excited to see our pictures and I know you did an amazing job on them. Also, can't wait to see you soon to make my bridals!! Dear HGTV, you have been playing in the background as I unpack and fold clothes every night this week. Thanks for making me want to do beach house flips now!! Dear meal planning, this is the first week we have been able to actually meal plan, and I think I like our little system we did. I think it's definitely going to work for us! Can't wait to share with y'all soon!! For now here is one of the meals we had, and no that's not chili and no that's not sour cream. I made Cheeseburger Shepard's Pie! I tried two new meals this week. We are going to tweak this one a little more to our liking, but the skinny enchiladas were a hit! 

Dear Matthew, my sweet, sweet husband, THANK YOU for all that you do for us! You have put our two console tables and bathroom cabinet together this week even though you were exhausted from work (THEY LOOK SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!). You helped out with dinner, cleaning, and unpacking all my stuff from my Cookeville apartment, and even made me the best strawberry icee. You are THE best and I am so excited to spend this whole weekend with you (we get to do that like every weekend now because we are MARRIED and live TOGETHER!!!!!!!). I promise as soon as we have a free weekend it will be all about YOU.

I failed on posting about our honeymoon, the pictures are all still on my camera lol, they haven't even made it to the computer. Soon y'all soon.

Happy Weekend!!!! :) 


  1. Your first month as a married couple!! Be sure to celebrate every little thing this first year--I'm serious! It is SO fun! :)

  2. Woo congrats on starting your first month as a married couple! So fun! :) I'm glad you had a good week, and I hope you can relax some this weekend!

  3. Love this post!! Hey, you need to change your sidebar bio to say HUSBAND!!! :) Hugs!



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