Friday, August 28, 2015

"The ultimate compromise"

One of the many things I have learned very quickly in marriage is compromise.
I think we both have had to learn this lol. Whether it be on decor for our apartment, who gets the extra drawer, where we go eat, what movie we watch, etc.

Two things really quick....
1.) We were talking the other day about our Christmas tree. I still have one from my apartment I used the past two years we could use and will use in the future, but I really want a real tree. At least once.
Growing up we used the same exact fake tree every year until I was around 15 or so and then we got another fake tree. Don't get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with a fake tree and there are many positive things that come from having a fake tree. I just really want to experience having a real tree. I might regret this decision a week or so after we get our real tree when having to clean up after it lol but I am willing to do it! I think it will be fun and quite the experience!
Also, I think it's going to be so much fun going and picking it out together.

2.) Matthew absolutely hates doing laundry. Really he just hates folding the laundry lol he would rather do every other step in the laundry process (sort, move one load to the dryer & start the next, hang up/put up clean clothes) than fold. I'm not too big of a fan of laundry, but I don't despise it as much as he does lol. 

So the "ultimate compromise" my genius husband came up with...

If I do ALL the laundry until Christmas then we get to go pick out a real Christmas tree for our 1st Christmas together!!!!! I am SO excited. Even though I have a feeling he would have given into the real Christmas tree without a compromise (eventually) I agreed to do all the laundry. Also, apart of our little agreement...we get to make some Christmas pictures at the Christmas tree farm to document our first Christmas. Y'all didn't think I was going to let him get out of all that laundry that easy now did you?! ;) 

Also, I am hoping to be able to make something like this after we take it down!

It's the little things y'all!
I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. So cute! Those pictures will be amazing, I know it ;) We always had a fake tree growing up and still do! My allergies would go nuts with a real one and I'm too lazy to clean haha!

  2. Real Christmas trees are where it's AT! Since we had to super downsize when we moved I have no idea where we are going to fit a tree. I don't care if I have to put it in the middle of the living room I will fit one somewhere!

  3. What a cute idea! We have a fake tree because we have never been at our house on Christmas. And my older cats used to drink the tree water, and we don't want the new one picking up on that habit, haha.


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