Thursday, November 14, 2013

30 days

After church last night I came back to the apartment and went into full cleaning mode and Matthew was back at his apartment studying for the two tests he has today (good luck boo dawg!).
Tomorrow is Friendsgiving!! Woo hoo so excited!
After talking with everyone about what they are bringing I do believe we are going to have a ton of different food!
Tonight I plan on cleaning a little more, finishing up some last minute decorations and start cooking!!
Anyways back to last night...I was dreading cleaning because we have put it off so long. It's not that bad but it definitely needed a good dusting, youknowwhatimsayin??
I got to thinking and you know cleaning doesn't have to be too bad. You just have to wear the right outfit, light a fall candle and listen to some good ole Ben Rector and maybe a Christmas song in there somewhere.
While I was cleaning I decided to take a lil break and check Facebook and then I saw THIS.
30 days y'all 30 days until he graduates!! This is crazy!
I remember the day he left for his college orientation (SOAR) and I remember the night I told him bye before he left the next morning for college and now 3 1/2 years later he is graduating?! Whaaa? Time is FLYING by. I mean, FLYINGGG by with Superman and Spidey senses. 
I am SO incredibly proud of him and to be honest it will be hard to hold back a tear or two in 30 days because I know just how hard he has worked for and wanted this. There have been nights where he stayed up late studying and got back up early the next morning to study even more before a test, skipped social events to study and just really worked his tail off.
He took the GMAT this past weekend in Nashville and passed with flying colors like I knew he would.
Just a few pictures I snapped with my iPhone.
 Y'all Matthew is graduating in 30 days and starting the MBA program in January(I just love that way that sounds!!) Everything he has worked so hard for is happening and he is accomplishing all his goals left and right. I am just SO happy for him and can't wait to watch him and stand by his side as he crosses of the rest of his goals and graduates with his MBA and takes the CPA exams!


  1. I love that you're doing a "friendsgiving"! That sounds so fun. I'm packing up my house today to move, so I feel you on the cleaning part. Congrats to your man! What an exciting time!

  2. I love how both of your hard work has really paid off! I'm so happy for you and Matthew!

  3. Congrats to Matthew and you! That is really exciting and its so nice that is hard work has paid off! This post is so cute!

    XOXO Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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