Thursday, November 7, 2013

N O V E M B E R goals

Am I really making out my November goals list??
Is next month really December...Christmas!!!?
Y'all I feel like I say this every month but time is flying by!!
I seriously feel like I just loaded everything up and moved up here and now it's almost been 6 months. Can't even believe it.
I'm not complaining though I am loving life right now but I do wish it would time would slow down at times but then again I found myself counting down the days until Christmas haha!
So last months goals...
--Exercise 3-4 times a week
--Continue saving the MULA$$
--Eat healthier
--Try 4 new recipes
--Couples challenge and post about it
--Start waking up earlier (It's a struggle sometimes but I have been doing better!)
--See Ben Rector and Luke Bryan in concert (Incredible I tell ya INCREDIBLE)
--Meal plan better
--At least 2 actual date nights
--Carve pumpkins and decorate them (So fun, one of my favorite things to do with Matthew during the fall)
--Go to the corn maze (Another favorite fall activity, froze my tail off but it was worth it!!)
--Make the hot cider I made last year at the bank  (Can't wait to make this again!!)
-- Use my crock pot more!!!!
--Complete the walktober challenge at my work
--Find a purple dress for Matthew's graduation (HAVE TO DO THIS)
--Have a social free media weekend (will probably try this on fall retreat weekend) (Y'all I did it!! I didn't think I would like it and to be honest I was dreading logging out when we got on the bus but once I did it I felt a huge relief and was able to enjoy everything and I was definitely able to focus on what we were on retreat for. If you haven't had a social free media week then I strongly urge you to do so! I definitely will be doing this again soon!!)
--Decide on a couples Halloween costume with Matthew!! (I am so excited about this)
(Posted about this yesterday! Wishing it was Halloween all over again so we could dress up again!! Can't wait until next year!)
Well obviously I was slacking a little this month but I am definitely more motivated this month (or at least today...I kid I kid)
So without further adieu, my November goals...
- Workout 2-3 times a week
 (I am getting a new schedule at work starting next week and I will be getting off earlier so NO excuses y'all!!)
- Start running
- Drink more water
- Get the classes I want for next semester
- Have our 1st annual Friendsgiving
- Appreciate the small things more
- Pay it forward
- Start decorating my room
(or at least hang some pictures on the walls, it is bare I tell ya!!)
- Blog 3-4 times a week
- Spend more than 2 days at HOME!!
(thanksgiving break can't come fast enough)
-Find purple dress for Matthew's graduation
(37 days people 37 days until boo dawg walks across the stage!!!!!!)
- Go on at least 2 dates with Matthew
- Win the intramural volleyball championship with my SOC girls
- Continue saving MULA$$
-START & FINISH Christmas shopping
(or at least get most of it finished so I won't stress so much in December) 
- Finish all the books I have started
(there are probably about 5 books I have started and I haven't even finished)
- Try 2 new recipes
(Now that I will be getting off earlier I will able to cook for Matthew!! I am so excited I can't stand it)
- Have another social free media weekend
(Enough said y'all!!)

 What are your monthly goals??


  1. Aren't social media free weekends the best? I've tried to adopt them into each weekend, and I must say I quite enjoy not logging in to Instagram or Twitter to see what everyone else is up to, because I'm too busy focusing on myself and my loved ones :)

  2. Love your goals - they're super similar to a lot of mine! I never considered doing a social media free weekend before, but I may have to! It seems so relaxing :)


  3. I REALLY need to have a social media weekend - especially during the upcoming Holidays!


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