Friday, November 22, 2013

5 crappy thoughts I will most likely have today

Everyday I think we all have at least a few crappy thoughts, it's only human and sometimes when we are having those crappy thoughts we tend to let it put us in a bad mood and that can sometimes lead to thinking we have it bad or we have a bad life. I saw this quote on Pinterest and it was like a slap in the face for me.
Something I have been working on since the summer is that when I have a crappy/negative thought I need to replace it with a positive thought,
and I am surprised with how lately every time I think of something negative I automatically think of something positive to replace it and I tell ya it makes for a better attitude and day!!
1. I have so much to do
blah blah blah the classic line I use when I am stressing
out about something. This is probably a daily thought.
I need more hours in the day or I am going to be up so late
 or I just want to relax
2. Why do I have to work full time while everyone else my age is a full time college student
This is one I have struggled with A LOT lately.
I just want to be a full time student or It's not fair that they don't have to work and can go to school full time and their parents pay for everything
3. I'm tired
My everyday thought when my alarm goes off and definitely around that 3 o'clock stretch during the week at work.
4. I want her wardrobe and makeup
That shirt is too cute
I need new boots like hers mine are old
How does she get her makeup like that??
5. My lunch is not satisfying
Am I really going to eat a ham and turkey wrap again?
I just want a salad or pasta
1. You are LUCKY you have friends and family to keep you busy!!
Last year at this time you didn't have the SOC in your life and you were going home everyday after school & work and you were bored out of your mind.
So what if you go to bed late you are young, enjoy it and you can relax later.
Enjoy this season of life, you aren't always going to have all your close friends living within 5 minutes of you and all these fun events to go to.
 A good one at that, why are you whining?! Many people are searching for a job to provide for their family and you are complaining about working?
Be thankful you have a job and can pay for everything!! This is what YOU wanted and knew you would have to work your tail off to live on your own and go to school but you are in COOKEVILLE, remember that.
3. You're alive and healthy!! and having fun everyday with people who you love. Who doesn't get tired? Suck it up and stop whining.
4. These are just material things. You are fortunate to have as many clothes as you do. Be thankful for what you already have. Some people in parts of the world don't even have a jacket to keep them warm.
5. First off are your really thinking this?? Over thousands of people are literally starving to death everyday and you complain about your lunch? I feel like I need to crawl in a dark hole every time I think this.
How do you focus on staying positive?
The moral of this post is this,
Be grateful for everyday.
Be positive.
Be happy.
and if you need a little bit more to get your Friday going, this should give you a good laugh.
Obviously I would choose b.


  1. I like that you can still turn the negatives into a positive! I was in your shoes before. It was hard working full-time while going to school when everyone else doesn't have to work. But, it's so, so rewarding. When you graduate, you'll realise how much your hard work paid off and you'll be extremely proud of yourself! You're doing great!

  2. This post makes me smile! I think the same way... I get all wompy and then say to myself, what the hell are you complaining about ! lol

  3. Great Post. I love that quote that says "tell the negative committee that's meeting in your mind to shut up" :) This is so me sometimes too & that's when I have to sit back and count all the reasons to be thankul + blessings. We are so very fortunate! Enjoy your weekend & have fun decorating for Christmas!

  4. Amen my friend!!! Thank you for this-- I need this reminder daily!!


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