Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christ like love

After reading all of the crazy stories from the past few days from people stranded on the interstate to kids having to stay the night at school , I just can't believe it. Many southern states are under a state of emergency, there is snow in Florida, snow on beaches in NC a lady giving birth on the side of the interstate, the lists goes on and on. I have been reading news stories non stop and watching the news like no other. The pictures are absolutely crazy and look like a scene from The Walking Dead. anyways you get my point, it's pure craziness!!!!
I have been in constant prayer for everyone that has been effected and just can't seem to get it off my mind knowing people are literally spending their nights out in the cold while I am warm in my bed. I can't complain about this weather anymore, I am so blessed.
I was reading yet another news article about all of this and I came across this one and just had to share it. I read it at work yesterday and seriously had some of the biggest ole tears in my cubicle at work. Embarrassing I know.
Read it HERE and tell me that did not just warm your heart and make you smile.
Not only were these Chick-fil-A workers so selfless they showed love like Christ.
Stay Crafty My Friends
If nothing good comes from all of this I am almost positive every single person that was given something to eat or stayed the night there will remember that moment or time for the rest of their lives. Another reason why I absolutely LOVE Chick-fil-a and as long as they stand strong in their faith I will be a customer.
Happy Thursday friends!! Make today a good one :)


  1. The South just doesn't handle snow very well! So crazy! I do have to say the pictures of snow on the beach were pretty cool though! Stay safe and warm!

  2. Seriously, what a self-less and Godly act! This story is so wonderful and the sad part is that I had not heard it until now! Why aren't our newscasts full of things like this - showing charity and humility towards others. Thanks for sharing.


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