Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yesterday I felt like everyone and their momma's were off from school/work but ME. Sadly I had to work and to be honest I was pretty bummed out about it. Well I got to work and we were DEAD. I'm talking only 11 calls in 3 1/2 hours. So when my leader started sending people home I jumped on it, and it's a good thing that I did. The weather yesterday was GREAT for January and we had some friends come into town so it was good to see them for a little bit. We decided to all go to Cheddars for lunch and it did not disappoint!
Matthew and I have decided to try something new, we are trying to lose some weight and get fit. We want to cut down on our portions and eating out. So far we have been pretty good about eating out. Limiting ourselves to once or twice a week. Which is hard when you live in a college town and every night is college night at a different food place with good discounts. It is SO much easier just stopping and picking something up using that student discount but it is SO bad for us and it adds up pretty quickly. So far I am pretty proud of us so far. What we are going to try to start doing when we go to a restaurant is start sharing a meal. We got this idea from one of our best friends and it makes sense if you really think about it!!!!
1. We are need to eat smaller portions
2. We want to save money but still be able to enjoy going out to eat with friends
3. We don't really like reheating leftovers (from some restaurants, ex: the fries from Cheddars reheated = gross soggy fries)
4. We NEED to eat smaller portions, did I already mention that?
So yesterday at Cheddars we tried it for the first time and guess what? We really liked it!
We ordered the chicken finger platter. If you have never been to Cheddars then you should know that
 1. Their food is amazing
2. They give you a TON of food
3. They are pretty cheap
The chicken finger platter came with about 8 huge chicken tenders and 2 sides. Perfect.
We split the chicken tenders and I had a side of mashed potatoes and Matthew had a side of fries.
We were both full but not too full to the point we were miserable and our bill was cut in half. We like the idea of this and plan on doing it more. There might be times were we don't want the same thing or there just isn't enough food to share and we are okay with that.
Yesterday was a GOOD day, a very much needed GOOD day. We both cleaned out our cars and I got mine washed. I took a small nap while Matthew studied and then we went to Cane Creek Park and went on a 2.5 mile walk! The weather was SO nice and we enjoyed every minute of it! We saw this incredible view while we were walking and I just had to stop and capture it
We found a new place that we want to start walking/running at and we are excited for it to warm up a bit so we can do so more often! For dinner last night Matthew grilled us some pork chops and they were DELICIOUS and I made some quick noodles as a side.  I will definitely be enjoying some of those pork chops for lunch today while looking at this view...
These are pictures I took right after it started and within about 20 minutes everything was completely white and it's still coming down! I really wasn't expecting it to snow today, I knew it would be REALLY cold today compared to the 58 degrees we had yesterday but nothing like this. Those were some of the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen, it was beautiful.


  1. You got this!!! :) Ah, I want some snow!!

  2. It sounds like you made Monday so amazing. I love this post and totally agree that cutting portion sizes is perfect. Cute post girlie!

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  3. I am begggggging for just one big snow storm before the winter season leaves...it's all I want! haha. by the way, my husband and I decided to cut down on portions too...and also, one money saving tip we use when we go out to eat is that we always split something if there's complimentary appetizers (chips and dip, bread, etc....) seriously money saver right there! lol.

  4. You're making me miss being in University! I loved going out to pubs and such and getting a student discount. No more discounts for me :(

    Smaller portion sizes is definitely key! I try to eat small meals throughout the day rather than gorge on one huge meal.

    I'm glad you think the snow is pretty. You can keep it. And you can take our cold weather too. Thanks :)

  5. Sharing a meal is SUCH a great idea! I followed over to your blog from The Albrechts Blog and I'm now your newest follower. It's nice to meet you!

  6. That view from your walk is so so pretty!! And good for you at Matthew for trying to eat better! I have been working out almost every day, but I'm still lacking in the "eating right" department. Haha!

  7. I just found you blog and I love it. I graduated from TTU last May and your posts bring back so many good memories :) In fact, I used to go running at Cane Creek with then boyfriend/fiance, now husband. Good luck with school and God bless!


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