Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sweet Ila Mae's barn sale

I went to my first barn sale this past weekend and I fell in love.
I could have spent the whole day there if I had the time.
Think: shabby chic homemade crafts.
They had everything there from homemade signs/windows/ornaments to homemade soaps and some pies :)
Sweet Ila Mae's barn sale is where tons and tons of vendors come out and sale their homemade goodness. These people have worked hard crafting away. For some of them this is their job. I met a guy who does wood working. He had homemade wooden benches that were to die for. He makes stuff, loads it in his trailer, and travels around to nearby sales like this. How fun is that?
Everyone was so nice and welcoming, too! It was about 50 minutes away from Cookeville, in the small town of Quebeck, Tennessee. We turned off the main road and drove down an old road for about 5 minutes until we finally were there. I'll let the pictures explain the rest :)

 Driving up to cute is this?!
(Sorry for the iPhone quality)

They had live music, too!
Kat and Sarah drove up for it, too! So much fun!!
I ended up only buying a cute shirt and some homemade soaps. There were a TON of things I wanted to buy but I limited myself (Matthew, be proud!!). The next barn sale is in June and I am already on the countdown!!
Have you ever been to a barn sale?

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  1. This looks adorable! I now want to go to a barn sale!!
    :) Rebecca


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