Wednesday, October 15, 2014


If you are following along on Instagram then you saw last night where I announced that Matthew has accepted a position with a CPA firm in Nashville! A LOT of prayers, spreadsheets and decisions were made last week. He graduates in 59 days (WHAA) with his MBA and then starts work shortly after that! His hard work is finally paying off and I am so very proud of him! I can't wait to see how God is going to use him there and in Nashville. I also can't wait to call Nashville our home once we get married!!

Yesterday was an exciting day! It's fall break and I was able to take off from work.
So we spent the day in Nashville looking at apartments/town homes! Matthew will move to Nashville first and I'll stay in Cookeville until we get married. Once we get married I will move to Nashville with him! So, the place we rent or buy is a decision that will be made by the both of us since, Lord willing, that we be the place I move into, after we are married of course.

Talk about exciting!!!!
I still can't believe everything is coming together so quickly! We have talked about where we were going to end up for a long time. If we are being honest we were a little disappointed it wasn't Chattanooga. Matthew's older brother is there, we love the town and he really liked the accounting firm there. We really thought we would end up in Chattanooga, but that just goes to prove that God has a plan that's bigger than our own, and honestly that is so comforting to know.
We are very excited about Nashville and the opportunities we will have there. The company Matthew will be working for is GREAT, and we have heard only good things about them. He is SO excited.
We are so blessed.

We looked up places online this past weekend so we would know where to look and where to avoid. I am so glad we actually were able to see them in person. The first set of apartments were just nasty and didn't look safe. On top of that the prices for a one bedroom literally double what I pay for my one bedroom now. We knew prices would be higher in Nashville, but that definitely caught us of guard. Especially for all the extras that aren't optional.
We did tour a town home that we just fell in love with. The area it's in is nice an quiet off the main road, it looked safe and friendly. We just aren't sure if it will fit in our budget starting out.
If anything, touring it gave us plenty of motivation to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE and SAVE some more!

Please keep Matthew in your prayers as he wraps up this semester and starts this new season of life!

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  1. So excited for you two and your bright future!!!!!!! :) yay!!!!


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