Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Y'all. Nashville was crazy this past weekend...it's been crazy since the playoffs started but this weekend was definitely the craziest I have ever seen it. And it was incredible.
A couple of months ago, Matthew was out to lunch with a coworker and while they were eating in come some of the Predators for lunch. He talked to some people and found out that's where they eat lunch before every single home game, so Matthew has been back a couple of times and sure enough, they are there! So we decided to take our creeping to a whole new level and go there for lunch on Saturday. Ethan and Rachel joined us and it was so awesome. I have always laughed at people freaking out over famous people, but I was full on fangirling when MIKE FISHER walked in. And when I made eye contact with Filip Forsberg I almost spit out my water. I kept my cool though, only turning around every .5 seconds...I didn't walk over to the area they were eating in and take pictures like one lady kept doing...so rude! However, I did snap a couple of pictures after they left the restaurant and were walking down the street....

Carrie Underwood's man...

That's all the pictures I got, but there were others there too! A lot of them wear a hat and sunglasses and keep their head down as they are walking in and leaving the restaurant so people don't spot them, and it worked! We didn't see a single player get stopped outside of the restaurant.

We went downtown Saturday afternoon for the game, but sadly we didn't stay for the game because it was just too crowded and we wouldn't have been able to see it on the big screen, but I'm so glad we got to at least experience some of it, even if it was crazy hot. 

We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings right before the game and then watched it at home with our friends, Ethan, Rachel, Justin, and Lexi, and it was a lot of fun, and a good game!

and here are some pictures that were shared all over Facebook...look at this crowd!!

And the mayor of Nashville shared this on Facebook last night after we WON game four! I love how everyone is really getting into it!

and then there is the catfish fad going on right now lol I can't stop laughing at all the catfish posts!! This one had a glittery hat, was wrapped in a Pred's towel and had a stuffed penguin in it's mouth. 

It's also really fun seeing who they will get to sing the National Anthem before each game. They are keeping it a surprise and have everyone guessing and voting on who they think it will be next. So far they have had Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Vince Gill and his daughters, Trisha Yearwood, Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, Kelly Clarkson, Martina McBride, and last night, Dierks Bentley!!
We're ready for game 5 this Thursday...we want the cup!

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  1. I'm hoping for the Preds now since my Senators are out and I can't cheer for the team who put them out even though Sidney Crosby in my home province boy! I remember when Mike Fisher was just Mike Fisher and not Mr.Underwood lol He played for my team before love him!

  2. How exciting! I bet the atmosphere is just INSANE!!


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