Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Our living room and kitchen are where we spend the most time in our house, so as you can imagine those two are two of the most decorated rooms in our house so far. Decorating and styling our living room has been a bit of a challenge for us since we've moved in since it is shaped different than most living rooms. Our living room is a good size in length, but with only one entrance to it, so we have rearranged our furniture a couple of times + added furniture, and I think we are finally to a place where we are happy with our living room arrangement!

We've added a few pieces here and there and then we decided that on our open wall that we wanted to do a gallery wall and I shared some ideas that we were leaning towards, here. So after shopping at FOUR different Targets we finally had all the frames we needed. Once we went all over middle Tennessee (literally) in search of these frames the fun part began, picking out the pictures to order. It was easy picking our pictures and even easier using Mpix to print them. What makes them even better, was when they showed up on my doorstep the very next day. I have only heard good things about Mpix, but since I was ordering such large prints I was somewhat skeptical about the clarity of them, but once again I was incredibly impressed with the quality of each photo. 
It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of the frames during the day with three big windows on the opposite wall, but I wouldn't trade those windows and all that natural light for anything! We actually hung curtains in our living room last year but took them down when we painted the room and just decided to not put them back up because it took away too much of the natural light. 

Matthew did a great job hanging these and we are extremely happy with how our gallery wall turned out. Every time we add something to our walls it makes it feel a little more "homey" and like everything is really coming together with our house.
Here is a picture of the other half of our living room
and a picture from our kitchen looking into our living room, to give you a better idea of the layout. 
Source List 
Living Room Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
Kitchen Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Waterscape
Wall Clock (found at a local store in Nashville, but similar ones, here or here.)
Lamps (Kirklands, a few years ago)
Floor Lamp
Shelf Ladder
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 photo Untitledscaa_zpsbqu6wi04.png


  1. I love your gallery wall!! It's perfect for that space! Your family room is so cozy :) Love using Mpix! They do such a great job!

  2. Those pictures look great - the frames were definitely worth the trek to all the targets!

  3. Love it! Excellent job! I love a good gallery wall xo

  4. Gorgeous gallery wall. Well done!

  5. Gallery wall looks great- as does the rest of your room/house!!! You have a great eye for decor :)

  6. Your gallery wall is so pretty!


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