Friday, October 7, 2016


This has been 100% accurate for this past week, here in Nashville.

Tuesday night we went to the last preseason Pred's game. Sadly, we lost in overtime, but it was still fun! This handsome guy was 100% in his element Tuesday night.
7 days until the actual season starts!!!!

Our recliners delivered yesterday right on time and we LOVE them! This was the picture I took right after we got them set up, so they didn't have the feet on them yet. We actually ended up moving the living room around last night so I need to take a picture of our new setup. They said beige online, but they are definitely more of a gray. Thankfully they still match our living room colors so that isn't a problem. Hello comfy recliners!!!!

I shared over 15 printables yesterday for you to create a Christmas binder of your own, in a way to help you plan and stay organized this holiday season. 

We are dog sitting this weekend for our friends, and we are not complaining one bit! This is Mila, and she made herself right at home in our bed last night. We're excited to play with her all weekend long. 
 As I was heading out the door this morning this was the look she was giving me, so of course I had to go back in and give her some more goodbye hugs!

After church Wednesday night we went straight to Home Goods to look in their animal section. They have so many cute things for puppies, but we refrained, and only bought our puppy a feeding dish and some waste bags. It was definitely very exciting shopping for OUR puppy!

And last but not least, I got to finally see inside of Matthew's office! YAY! I met him at his office before the game on Tuesday afternoon so that we could ride together to the game. After the game when he was dropping me back off at my car we decided to run in and he gave me an office tour. Of course I made him pose for a picture in his cube...Pred's attire and all lol! He actually moved cube's yesterday so I think he has a whole new setup now, but it was still fun to see when he works.

We are hoping to work on some house projects this weekend, dog sit, hangout with our best friends, Ethan and Rachel, who are in town for fall break, and go to my college roommates wedding!


  1. Those recliners are perfect! Where did you get them from?

  2. Oh my goodness, that precious pup. <3 Have fun dog sitting!

  3. What a sweet pup! I bet you really cannot wait until you can bring your little one home!

  4. Eeeek----you're getting your puppy so soon! What good practice with this dog sitting :)

  5. Aaww, Mila is so cute. I definitely wouldn't consider those chairs to be "beige", but I like them.

  6. Such a cute pup! I like the recliners. I need to shop for new living room furniture sometime in the near future.


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