Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This is going to be the shortest post....but I need help! I am wanting a new Christmas tree for our home this year. It's our first Christmas in our new home, and the Christmas tree we used last year is from my college apartment. It's only 6ft and it's tiny! It worked perfectly for our apartment last year but I'm afraid it will look tiny in our new home. Here is our apartment at Christmas time last year. We miss this cozy first home of ours!

So, I am on the hunt for an 8ft pre-lit Christmas tree, and one that's not going to cost an arm and a leg! I have been searching the internet but can't find any good deals. I even tried to talk my parents into giving us their Christmas tree and them getting a new one lol...didn't work out so well. So if you have any suggestions on where to find a good pre-lit Christmas, preferably 8 feet tall, then send them my way! Also, I thought about checking out some black Friday deals when they come out closer to time on Christmas trees, maybe Lowe's and Home Depot will have some good deals that weekend? Who knows! One day we want a 12ft Christmas tree to go in our entryway...but that's for another time lol. Who knew Christmas trees could be so expensive!! 

Here are some tree's that I have been swooning over recently...

I mean just look at this one...I like how full it is, it's not a skinny tree lol. I'm also pretty sure if we had a tree and it looked like this I wouldn't get anything done around the house because all I would want to do is sit in front of the fireplace staring at this tree.

I also know its only October, but I like doing my research to find the best deals, and hate paying full price for anything. Also, TWO months from today is Christmas Day...yay!


  1. We found ours at Hobby Lobby and our second tree for crazy cheap at Target the day after Christmas! Hobby Lobby already has theirs 40% off and will go 50 before too long. I say buy your shorter one now and then snag a great deal on the 12ft one after Christmas!

  2. Would you be open in getting a real tree this year? We had real trees in our apt for 2 years then the day after Christmas we found a great 7ft pre-lit tree from Walmart for $45!! I was being a total snob about it but it's actually a great tree! Last year, I convinced Stephen to get another tree for our living room and he got either an 7 or 8 ft tree for like $50 or $60. I'll have to keep my eyes open for sales though! They are super expensive but last a long time :)

  3. We always get a live one but I have seen some beautiful ones at BJ's and Sam's club. They both seem to very reasonable.

  4. My suggestion would be similar to what others said... If you aren't able to find a good deal maybe y'all could try a real tree this year and get a prelit one on sale after a Christmas! We got a 7ft tree on super sale after Christmas for 35$! Good luck on finding deals!! Hopefully something will pop up!

  5. I got my tree at Wal Mart last just a small one but it is nice and there was bigger ones. Also maybe Michaels? I know most of them cost too much but maybe a sale will come up.

  6. We found ours at Lowe's last year. I can't remember exactly how much but it wasn't too bad!!

  7. Target is always a good place - they usually have good deals before and on Black Friday. I have also heard of Walmart as a suggestion. The best option if you can wait, is to pick one up after Christmas. That is how I got mine and it was a huge savings!

  8. My mother-in-law is obsessed with Christmas. They downsized the year after we bought our house and she gave us her 8 ft prelit tree as well as the 12 ft (not lit) tree for free. I'll take it.... Also, keep an eye out for yard sales. I bought by first tree (5 ft prelit) for $5.


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