Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I'm so excited to share this post with y'all today! We knew the house was a little outdated in some some rooms and that if we bought this house we would have some work to do, but honestly that's exactly what we wanted. We wanted something that we could do some work on but not something that was going to make us the next Chip and Joanna Gaines. So with that being said, here is our house! We are so excited to begin working on our house and take it room by room.

The entryway
It's a two story entryway and Matthew's first words when he saw the entryway was "this is the perfect place for a 12ft tall Christmas tree." I was one proud wife! ;)

 Study and dining room
Around the stairs is the study. Some people use it as a formal living room, but we don't want to have a formal living room. So we decided to make it Matthew's office. 

Dining Room
Connected to the dining room and kitchen is the dining room. That wallpaper will be coming down within the next two weeks ;) I am in love with the wainscoting. So pretty!

Up next is the kitchen!

Again, this wall paper is coming down very soon! The kitchen and dining room are where we are going to do quite a bit of work. We are so excited to redo the kitchen!

Living Room
We plan on taking that half wall down so the entrance into the living room isn't so small.

So excited we have a fireplace, and I am loving those 3 big windows!! So much natural light pouring in.

Not pictured downstairs:
Around the corner from the kitchen is a small storage closet, half bath and a entrance to the garage.


There are 3 guest bedrooms that all look just like this. We are so excited to have family and friends be able to stay with us now!! One guest bedroom will be my office and I will finally be able to put my new desk somewhere!!

Guest bathroom

Master bedroom

Master Bathroom
Double vanity, actual vanity, and water closet...I was SOLD.

Through the door on the left is our walk in closet! Woo hoo for having a bigger closet!

Not picture upstairs:
Linen closet and laundry room

Our backyard
It's a decent size yard and it's fenced in! The sellers left their trampoline lol.

And that's our house! We are so excited and so grateful for the opportunity to have a home of our own! We keep telling each other we can't believe we have a house, but we do! We feel like it was just yesterday he was picking me up for our first date and here we are almost 6 years later, married and just bought our first house! So incredibly blessed to be doing life with Matthew.


  1. OMG it's huge! Congratulations! Seeing this makes me want to move to the midwest- we could never afford a house like that outside of Philly! Enjoy!

  2. Oh my word!!!!!!
    It's so gorgeous. It'll be perfect when you update everything that you want to. Love love love the big windows!

  3. HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! I love it! The layout of your kitchen/dining room is great! Not to mention the bones of your kitchen are so good, I can only imagine what it will look like when it's finished. Oh and your bathroom, I die! :)

  4. It's beautiful and HUGE!!! The house has so many pretty details and it's awesome that there's still a few projects y'all get to do on your own. Cannot wait to see how y'all decorate it and update it!

  5. That is amazing!! It's a beautiful home that you guys will put your stamp on! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. wow! All of those windows just make my heart so happy! lol. Y'all found a good one - so pretty, inside and out. I can see wanting to change a few things, but there's not a TON to do to it; very nice! How fun to make it your HOME - I'll be looking forward to update posts :) Those are my favvvvvvorite

  7. Congratulations on your new home! It's so pretty, I love the brick :)


  8. What! It is beautiful! Congratulations and welcome to home ownership!!

  9. So exciting!! Can't wait to see all that you do with it!

  10. Your new house is GORGEOUS! I love it!!

  11. Your house is beautiful! Congrats!!

  12. Congratulations! SO EXCITING!! Your home is just beautiful!!! And so spacious! I can't wait to see how you decorate and make it yours. :)

  13. It's big, beautiful, and perfect! So So So happy for you guys! I know you all have saved and worked hard for it. So exciting! Congratulations!

  14. Your house is beautiful. The only work I see that needs to be done is a good paint job. I need to find something like this. It is perfect for a growing family. My wife and I have been married for two years and we are renting. We are hoping to save enough money to buy a house within the next year.

    Martin Moran @ Buyers Agent San Antonio

  15. My favorite view in your house has to be the entryway. You can see out that beautiful window, up those amazing stairs, and though the rest of the house. I would love to have that type of view to see every time that I opened my front door. Thanks for taking all those amazing pictures and good luck in the new house.

    Sean McCrory @ Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants

  16. I have to tell you that my favorite room in the entire house is the kitchen by far. Not only is it very warm and inviting, you can see the fireplace and company sitting relaxing in that room while preparing meals. It has such an open feel to it that everyone can interact even if they are in different rooms.

    Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents


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