Friday, January 8, 2016


Good morning and happy Friday!! The first full week back to work after the holidays always seems to drag by, so I am welcoming today with open arms. We've had a busy past two nights with friends and it has been a lot of fun. Two of our best friends are in town since they are still on Christmas break from school (a little jealous) so Wednesday night after church we got ice cream with them and last night I made dinner for all of us. Every time we have people over for dinner I am reminded just how much I LOVE hosting and cooking dinner for everyone. It was last minute plans since we didn't realize they would be in town until this weekend so we already had planned on making breakfast foods, good thing they like breakfast foods, too!

A few Valentine's Day goodies have been popping up around our apartment, and I love it. Whoever thought of the Target dollar section sure makes this newlywed's heart very happy. Hello cute but cheap small decor pieces! I'm don't decorate big for every holiday, but it's fun to have a few pops of pink and red around the apartment for Valentine's Day! Also, the cake stand...I die. I just can't resist a cute cake stand! The dollar section had a Christmas one that I got last month as well, it was smaller than this one, but I still LOVED it. 

I am really loving Emily Ley's #SimplicityChallenge2016! I haven't followed along with each one, but I have a couple and I hope to keep it up! What a good way to start off the new year.

I am obsessing over this white marble lazy susan from World Market. Seriously, it is perfect and would be perfect for serving stuff on when we have friends over. I love just about anything and everything from World Market and could spend allllllll da monies in there, but I'll refrain, or at least try to ;) 

One of my goals this year (still haven't shared them on here...oops!) is to blog more. I love being able to come here and share about what's going on in our lives, from the big events to the small day to day things. It's fun for me and I like looking back and reading old posts of mine, and seeing how much has changed! I like the idea of doing "Friday No." posts every Friday. I got the idea from Victoria's blog and really like it! So I'm hoping to keep it up and have a lot by the end of the year to look back on. There aren't any outlines for these kind of posts for me. I'll post from what went on during that week to things I'm looking forward to, to just about anything and everything!

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  1. The first week back after the holidays is so tiring! I'm with you and so happy it's Friday! Love your V-day finds & the Target dollar section!

  2. I bought the same little chalkboard in the dollar aisle last weekend. It's on our mantel...blank as can be. Just gotta come up with something to put on it. They had some seriously cute decorations in that aisle this time!

  3. So much fun you were able to host your friends this week and get to spend some time with them! Your Valentine's day decorations are super adorable!!

  4. I love that cake stand and the marble lazy susan!

  5. I'm going to head to Target now to check out their dollar section!!! Love your finds!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. I lovelove the chalkboard. And I've been debating if it's too soon to decorate for Valentine's Day. Looks like I need to find that decor.

  7. So many things to love in this post. Target $1 section, yes please! I LOVE your cute finds. That cake stand is adorable. I got a few things from there for Valentines last year and can't wait to put them out again. I also have been seeing Emily Ley's posts pop up and haven't done them all, but really like the idea of them!

  8. LOVE the Dollar Spot. I swear I can't not buy something from there every time I go in! Too tempting.


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