Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This past weekend we made a trip to Johnson City to visit my BIL and SIL. They start PT school and clinicals this week so we knew this past weekend was the best weekend to go before they get busy with studying! It's about a 4 hour drive, so we headed out as quick as we could Friday afternoon.

We got there pretty late Friday night so we talked for a little bit and then crashed for the night. Matthew's parents got there Friday afternoon and stayed in a nearby hotel, we decided to crash at their apartment for the weekend.

We made a stop at Chick-fil-A for breakfast Saturday morning and then got a tour of their campus. They both go to East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and goodness, what  beautiful campus it is, surrounded by mountains. SO pretty! Here are some pictures from our tour. It's still Christmas break so there weren't many people on campus.

Saturday night we went to a cute restaurant called The Firehouse Restaurant. It was so good and the cutest little place, with great service.

After we went to dinner we went to the movies. They have this awesome $3 theater, and we saw Spectre, the new James Bond movie. It was pretty good, definitely a lot of fighting scenes lol.

Sunday we went to church with them and had lunch at one of our favorites, Cookout. We always enjoy seeing where our family and friends worship at, and enjoyed meeting new people. 

After lunch we packed up and got ready for the trip back. Before we could leave though the boys had to play a game of hockey...
boys will be boys ;) 

On the way home we made a stop at Puppy Zone in Knoxville and a big furniture warehouse before heading on home. There weren't many puppies this time and the ones they did have were all asleep lol.

Most of the drive home it was raining or spitting snow flurries and when we were about an hour from home the sun finally decided to come out. Giving us a beautiful winter sunset!


  1. I live about an hour and half from JC and go there often! My sister lives in Knoxville so it's a good meeting point for us to get together with her.

  2. That campus looks gorgeous!!!
    Now that you say it-im heading to chick fil a for lunch haha :)

  3. What a fun weekend! ETSU is beautiful!! Good luck to your BIL & SIL as they start school

  4. So fun! Love that you got to enjoy family time! I was up that way once for a cattle sale with my stepdad. It's a pretty area!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Looks like a fun weekend, and what a beautiful campus!!! Time with family is the best :)


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