Monday, January 25, 2016


Hope y'all aren't tired of all the snow posts, if you are, well then just skip right over this post ;)

Let's back up to last Monday...about 6:30 a.m. I dropped Matthew off with one of his coworkers and they headed up to Knoxville for the week. One of their big clients is up there and they had to spend the week up there working on them. I spent the week packing up our apartment and watching One Tree Hill. Fast forward to Thursday... all day Thursday there was talk of a "big snow storm" heading our way. I watched the weather all day and I'm positive it changed back and forth at least 3 times. At first they were forecasting the snow storm to hit early Friday morning, then they changed it hitting late Friday afternoon, and then changed it back to the morning. I talked to my boss and she told me that if it's going to do what they say it's going to do then they will close the office. I got off of work and did what any other sane person would do...I went to the grocery store....along with half of Nashville. I didn't get milk and bread though...just milk and other stuff for crockpot recipes. ;)

Thursday night I decided to take a night off from packing and spent it parked on the couch. I talked to Matthew for a little bit before he said he was going to bed, and then decided I was going to watch another episode of OTH before calling it a night. I got a call from Matthew five minutes later saying they were leaving in ten minutes and coming home. They were going to come home Friday mid day but decided it would probably be best to come home that night. So I cleaned up and then ran back to the grocery store to get breakfast sausage (the store I went to earlier was sold out- told you half of Nashville was there too) for breakfast in the morning and then headed to pick Matthew up. It may have been midnight but I was THRILLED!!!!!! We got back in a little after 1 that morning and went to bed.

We woke up Friday morning a little before 6 and this is what I saw outside our apartment! We are SO thankful they decided to come back Thursday night instead of Friday mid day! 

And that was the start to our snowy weekend! It snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed, AND SNOWED all day Friday. Seriously, I don't remember it ever snowing that much and for that long. We watched it all day Friday and couldn't stop talking about how pretty it was. We decided (I talked Matthew into it) to go outside and walk around in it so I could get some pictures of it and a couple of us! Had to document our first married snow day, duh ;) And I am so glad we did! Everything was absolutely beautiful. I doubt he would admit it but I think Matthew enjoyed seeing it all, too!

The walking trail at our apartment

 So much snow on our roof!

We were sad the pond didn't completely freeze over lol oh well, still pretty!


Our apartment did a great job of scraping/salting our parking lot. (This was the before picture lol)

We spent the whole day watching How I Met Your Mother and lounging around. It was perfect!

Saturday the snow was still around most of the day. We lounged around most of the day and then decided to try and drive over to our house. The roads were still somewhat messy but not terrible. Our neighborhood on the other hand was still really bad. We are SO thankful our moving day wasn't this past weekend and is this upcoming weekend! 


And our backyard! I can already tell we are going to love having a backyard! And yes, that's a trampoline in our backyard lol the sellers left it.

Friday morning I made our favorite sausage roll ups for breakfast and I made crockpot sausage tortelloni for a late lunch/early dinner, along with cheesy-garlic pull apart rolls. 

 Saturday we had cheese biscuits for breakfast and a stuffed crust DiGiorno pizza for lunch...we love them but try to eat them only every now and then so I figured a snow day was the perfect time for one! For dinner I made crockpot chicken tacos (one of Matthew's favorites) and Mexican rice.
I put our crockpot to good use this weekend! I'll be sharing both of those crockpot recipes this week.


  1. You never post too many snow posts for me! haha - I love them and I'm patiently awaiting our next snow storm. I'm jealous y'all had this and we didn't. LOL. by the way, I will be awaiting the croc pot recipes! yummy

  2. Oh my word. I miss the snow!! (From Ohio-now living in California) it's funny-our weathermen have to talk about other places becuase our weather is so boring ha! (Not complaining but I could use a cold day in!!)

    We've been catching up on HIMYM too. Isn't it so funny!!! It's the perfect show to just unwind and watch!!

  3. Please share the snow pics. I am living vicariously through those of you that had snow. Here in the Houston area all we got were chilly temps and those are gone! Hope you have a great week!

  4. One Tree Hill, gosh I miss that show! Glad Matthew came home early so you all could spend a fun snowy weekend together! Moving this weekend?! Gosh that's so exciting!

  5. Oh man!! So glad Matt decided to head home early - that would've been the worst not having him home through all that! Everything looks so beautiful and glad y'all got to enjoy the snow together :)

  6. Yum, crockpot recipes sound perfect for snow days! I know you're so excited to move--you'll be cooking in your new kitchen six months from now and still won't be able to believe that you live there. That's how I feel about our house!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. How fun! Your snow pictures are beautiful! I love that y'all went and took a picture of your house, such a great memory to document. :)

  8. We got just over 8 inches too which was perfect for XC skiing. Glad that your husband and his partner made it back safe just before that crazy storm hit.


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