Monday, October 17, 2016


She is a snuggler, tilts her head to the side and gives the cutest looks, hops around, loves to be held and is everything we hoped she would be! Reagan is a six week old Shih Poo, and is absolutely beautiful! Shih poo's are a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle, and they are hypoallergenic, which is exactly what we wanted. I held her the whole way home Friday night and never found any hair on my clothes...this is a good sign!! 

We're learning more and more about our girl. So far we know that she is capable of sleeping a good bit of the night, in her crate (usually only wakes up twice a far at least!! ;)), she doesn't like being alone or loud noises, she's a snuggler, she doesn't like the wet grass, she loves having someone sit beside her while she eats, she loves falling asleep either in a blanket in your arms or laying on my shoulders behind my neck. She is also getting used to the camera ;) Y'all will be so sick of seeing pictures of this little girl by the end of the year! Our phones are already filled with tons of "first time ___ videos/pictures" Needless to say, Reagan's whole life will be well documented! :)

She has already had a tour of her new home, a couple of car rides, explored her new backyard (and loves it!), met one set of her grandparents, and great grandmother, had a ton of pictures taken of her, she's cheered on her Pred's during their game Friday and Saturday night, and had to remind her dad that he can't yell at the TV while she's trying to sleep ;) She is loving her new toys, and is getting used to her puppy playpen, and she loves sitting in between mom's feet while she cooks dinner.

So I should explain her name and how we came up with it. I have always wanted a female dog so when I told Matthew that he went along with it. I told him since he let me pick the gender then he could pick her name. Now if you know my husband personally then you know that he loves Ronald Reagan. He thinks that he was the best president that we ever had, and I agree. There is a Ronald Reagan mural in Cookeville and Matthew loves it. So when he suggested Reagan I could not have loved it more. So yes, we named our puppy after the 40th president of the United States, and we love it! So this week will be full of bathroom breaks, puppy snuggles, and learning what it's like to have a whole new level of responsibility in our life. So far, she's been great! She takes long naps, doesn't mind sleeping in her crate at night and only whines when she has to go potty, and is starting to eat better. We're THRILLED!!!!!

And here are a few outtakes from our little photo shoot Saturday morning

And a couple of pictures from over the weekend...

First meal at home
Cheering the Pred's on Friday night.
 Exploring her new backyard Saturday morning.
Snoozin' in dad's arm's Sunday night
 Snoozin' on mom's shoulder Sunday night.

She is so fun and we love being puppy parents!! 


  1. She is precious!!! All the heart eyes. :) Can't wait to follow along as she grows up. :)

  2. She is SO CUTE AND PERFECT, oh my word!!! :) yay!

  3. Oh my goodness! Cutest puppy I have ever seen. Love her name too!

  4. She's too cute! I really love the last picture of her asleep on your shoulder - such a random position to fall asleep in!

  5. She is adorable! I love her coloring! Enjoy...

  6. Melt my heartttttt!! Love! Keep posting pics :)

  7. Omg she is so adorable!! I love her name too :)

  8. Oh my gosh, she is SO cute!! And it brought me back to when we got our puppy, he is a full shih-tzu and looked so much like that when we first got him! And now I want another puppy, LOL!

  9. She is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!! How big will she get?

  10. OMG she is soo adorable!! I keep forgetting how little she is until I see her next to something normal size lol I'm so glad it's going well and y'all are loving it :) Love her name too and how you got it - he was definitely the best president!

  11. So cute! I like the name Reagan a lot.

  12. Such a cute puppy. Congrats on the addition to your family. I, too, think Reagan was the best president we've had.

  13. Okay, she is just ADORABLE! She just looks so cuddly!! Puppies are seriously the best :)


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