Tuesday, October 4, 2016


This past weekend was full of rest, family, and friends! Friday night we hosted our class at church. We had Nemo playing for the kiddos and Fibbage for the adults. We reserved the youth building and it was the perfect fit for our event. 

Each room in the youth building has a theme and is decorated accordingly, it is absolutely incredible!

I found a Nemo themed photo kit for the kids. It came with paper goggles for them to hold up- so cute!
 We had pizza for dinner, but I wanted to make sure there were some snacks for the kids. I found these cute ideas on Pinterest!
Shark bait = gold fish
Drift wood = pretzel sticks
Coral Reef = cheetos 

It was a fun night and I think everyone enjoyed it. Saturday morning we slept in for the first time in months! We woke up and had leftover pizza for breakfast and then I headed to town to search for pumpkins and to run a few errands. Matthew stayed home and worked a little and mowed the yard!
I finally found some pumpkins and unloaded them at home. My sister was in Cookeville this weekend and picked up my favorite mums for us. I am so excited to get them from her for our front porch area. Saturday afternoon we went to my cousins new home for a cookout. She just moved back to Tennessee so it was exciting to see their new home! They also have a heated pool, so my sisters were taking advantage of a pool day on the first day of October lol. We couldn't stay long at my cousins because we had already bought tickets to the Pred's first (preseason) home game that night. 
We met some friends downtown at Demo's (one of my absolute favs!) before the game. The restaurant went CRAZY when Tennessee won, and our friends we were with did too lol. It was an exciting night to say the least!
It's almost hockey season!! The official season starts on October 14th and we are PUMPED!

My SIL and friend were actually at the game so we met up with them at one point to say hi!

We got to see a couple of fights and one really good one before the Preds won! Definitely an exciting game and we loved our seats!
Bad lighting but we love our Preds! It was a late night getting home so when our alarm went off Sunday morning I turned it off and we decided to go to late service instead of early at church...morning #2 of sleeping in...woo hoo! After church we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to Murfreesboro to see my best friend, Kathleen's, new house. She and her husband bought a house the week before and we were so excited to see it! We love their new home and we are so excited for them.
 We realized Matthew and Braden were basically wearing the same shirt so we had to snap a picture ;)
 They also just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary yesterday! What a great anniversary present, a new house! lol. I can't believe it has already been a whole year since their beautiful wedding!!

After visiting them we headed home and took our usual Sunday nap lol and then got up and cleaned the house before church. At church Sunday night we had a great seminar that was pretty interesting.
It was all about budgeting and saving your money. It was very close to what Dave Ramsey teaches, so it wasn't anything we haven't already heard, but it was still a good seminar. 
After church we decided to try a new Mexican restaurant in town...we're still trying to find the best one, and this one was very high up there on our list. We love us some Mexican food!!

Monday morning Matthew had his second follow up appointment with the ENT who did his sinus surgery. So we got to sleep in for the third morning in a row...unheard of around here!!!! Well we got a call later that morning after breakfast letting us know that his doctor had been in a wreck and they had to cancel all morning appointments. Thankfully his doctor is okay, but he still wouldn't make it in time for the morning appointments. So after breakfast we just headed into work.

Matthew got tickets from his firm for the Pred's game tonight, so we are hoping to see another win tonight!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend with all that extra sleep! Love your friend's house - it's so cute!

  2. Did you and Kathleen marry brothers? Really, if you take the facial hair off her husband, he looks almost just like yours. Glad that your class went well!

  3. Your game night looks like it was a fun time!! Love your little snack ideas - so adorable! Sounds like y'all had a great weekend - your friend's house is adorable :)


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