Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Friday night after work we headed to Murfreesboro to meet my parents for dinner at one of our favorite pizza places. After dinner we came back to the house and Ethan, Rachel and Carson came over to stay the night!

Saturday morning we woke up and I made Carson some eggs and toast and Matthew made everyone omelettes! We worked on cleaning and getting the house ready all day for the wedding shower that we were hosting that afternoon for my BIL and his fiance, Christina. It was a very small family wedding shower and we had a great time. 

 Please notice my mugs on the mantel in this next picture...my other BIL, Nathan, rearranged them to spell 'Tacos" instead of "Coats" and I definitely didn't notice it until later that night after everyone was gone lol.

Thankfully the rain held off until Sunday so these fur babies were able to get out in the backyard and run some energy out and play together!

Nathan stayed the night with us and after everyone left we made a quick trip to Lowe's so I could get my dad two succulents to go with his Father's Day gift. I loved them so much that I almost kept them for myself, ha! I will definitely be going back to get myself some, they had a ton of different ones that I loved!

Sunday we went to church with Matthew's parents and then met my parents after for lunch. After lunch we hung out at my parents house for most of the afternoon. My dad was pumped about his new succulents and is planting on repotting them this week.

We went to church with Matthew's parents Sunday night and then to dinner at a local place in town and it was delicious!! And they were letting all father's eat for free, such a fun and sweet surprise! 

We had a great weekend with both of our families and are already looking forward to next weekend.  I am excited to share a project with you all tomorrow that we've been planning and working on for some time now!!

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  1. That mug rearrangement it hilarious!! What else are brothers (even in-laws) for? ;)

  2. How neat is that restaurant?! Sounds like it was a jam packed weekend, but a good one!

  3. LOL to the tacos mugs ;) Beautiful shower, though- you guys are great hosts!!

  4. What a fun weekend!!! Love the chalkboard you made - you're so talented! I need you to come and update mine.. it's struggling and I have yet to try to fix it lol So funny your mugs said "tacos"!!! Hope you have a good week :)

  5. Glad you had a good weekend. I totally laughed out loud at your BIL's mug stunt.


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