Friday, June 2, 2017


TGIF!!!!! Short weeks always seem like long weeks to me for some reason, so I am more than happy for the weekend to start soon!

It's been a busy week, but in a good way! I have a couple of different projects that I have been working on that I am excited to share about over the next few weeks, but for now, how about a little life update in list form? ;)

 - GO PREDS GO! We have made it to the Stanley Cup, but have had a pretty rough start. We lost the first two games, but that doesn't mean we're throwing in the towel just yet. Saturday is a home game and I think we are going to go downtown to watch them play. Outside of course, tickets are crazy expensive!! They have been shutting down lower Broadway downtown and having a huge viewing party...there are viewing parties all over the state, it's been such a fun experience watching everyone. There are tents set up all over Nashville selling Pred's stuff and even coworkers are getting a little crazy on game days. 

- Memorial Day weekend we cleaned, purged, and organized our ENTIRE HOUSE! And it felt so good! We made multiple trips to Goodwill and the dump. I'll be back next week with a full recap of our long weekend. 

- Now that we got my office at home cleaned out and organized I have been brainstorming ideas for in there. First things first though, I have to paint it, and very soon!

- We bought dining room chairs a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE them. We came across a really good deal and just could not pass it up. So after three car loads we had them all around our dining room table and they look so good. Now I just need to get something up on the wall in there and our dining room will be finished! 

- Growing up summer always started on the last day of school, but now since we're not in school and we don't have kids yet, summer for us officially starts on MDW...and when our neighborhood pool opens! I haven't made it down there yet, but it is calling my name. The sunset last night was absolutely beautiful...I love summer sunsets!

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  1. That sunset is really gorgeous! Great job on cleaning out the whole house!!! That is insane! Can't wait to hear about your long weekend.

  2. There is nothing more exciting than having your team in the Championship game. It unifies a city, and is just so electric (coming from having recently watched the Royals in the World Series two years in a row). Enjoy it!
    We cleaned and purged last weekend too - filled up the entire back of the jeep with all kinds of unneeded stuff. it felt so good.

  3. You've got some pretty exciting stuff going on!! so much fun TN is rallying together for the Preds! Hopefully all the games will be done when I'm there in 2 weeks ;) Can't wait to see your entire dining room - the chairs are super pretty :) So much fun your pool is open!!!! That's going to be so nice this summer!

  4. Cleaning and purging is so rewarding!! I love how clean and organized everything feels after :) Pulling for the Preds!!! I'm sure you all will really enjoy your pool this summer!


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