Friday, May 26, 2017


Happy Friday and happy loooong weekend! 

I saw a video on how to make these the other day and now I want to make them ASAP. I'm almost positive mine would not look anything like those though lol.

I mentioned on Monday that I was making these garlic parmesan chicken tenders for dinner this week. I wasn't too hopeful they would turn out good, but much to my surprise they turned out really well, and they were pretty easy to make!

The stairs in our house is Reagan's favorite spot. Matthew worked from home one day this week and he said she laid there most of the day. Sweet girl!

She's definitely not a morning puppy anymore! When we first got her she would wake us up, but know we have to wake her up.

Matthew didn't realize that he had someone watching him mow the yard yesterday...

She watched and waited for him by the front door the whole time
Okay, last picture of her today, but look at this crazy face!
One of my favorite times of the day is when I first get home from work. I let Reagan play outside and I sit out on our patio and just decompress from the day. I usually only spend 20-30 minutes out there before I start dinner but, it's the best time to unwind from the day. I love our backyard, you can't really see our neighbors and it's pretty private, I love it!

My sister came over one night this week and we made a much needed trip to Target! They had a Coke display up front and for the first time they had both of our names on a bottle!
 Cheesy, I know, but I still loved it.

It's a half day for us today and then we get to start our long weekend. My family is coming over tonight to help with some projects around the house that I am really excited about, and for dinner! And we are spending the rest of the weekend organizing some things around the house, cleaning out our garage, and then a cookout at my cousin's house....maybe some pool time in between since our neighborhood pool is opening this weekend- woo hoo!

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  1. Glad to hear the chicken tenders turned out! They sounded good! Your weekend sounds like a blast - a long holiday weekend is perfect for tackling house projects, cooking out and laying by the pool!

  2. Reagan is so sweet! She is one loved pup :) So glad your chicken turned out good - it looks delicious! Let me know how those macaroons go if you make them! Apparently my mom and sister tried to make some but it didn't turn out too well lol

  3. I would love to make my own macaroons! They're so delicious!

  4. One of my coworker's makes macaroons and they are soooo yummy!! You'll have to document if you make them :) happy Friday!


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