Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Over the past few months Reagan has developed a habit of taking her paws and pushing the hair around her mouth into her mouth and chewing on it. So a couple of weeks ago when she had her next grooming appointment I asked our groomer to cut around her mouth shorter than we usually do. The groomer was on board with that and asked if we wanted it cut short like a poodle. I said, "sure, just cut it shorter than we usually do." 
Side note: I was not a dog person before we adopted Reagan, so when they asked about grooming her like a poodle I had NO IDEA what that meant. No worries, I have about 42 pictures saved on my phone to show the groomer from now on to avoid anymore poodle haircuts. 

So here is a little before, obviously she looked like a shih poo

and here is the after...I dropped off my shih poo and picked up a poodle! 
They shaved her face and left her ears very full and floppy to ensure the poodle look was in full force.

I definitely was 100% shocked when I picked her up and may or may not have shed a few tears on my drive Matthew was just as surprised, if not more, when he saw her for the first time, but reminded me that it's just hair and that it will grow back. 

I think our girl was a little stressed by her new look as well...

Thankfully, it is already starting to grow back out, but I doubt she'll need her face groomed the rest of the summer.

Of course she is still adorable no matter what she looks like but what a shock! 

 photo Untitledscaa_zpsbqu6wi04.png


  1. Awww poor thing! She looks so different! At least now you know...and like you said, it will grow back!

  2. OH MY GOSH. She looks like a different dog?!!? That is INSANE! I would definitely go to a different groomer from now on LOL or at least be like "hey this is what NOT to do!" ;)

  3. It's not a bad haircut, it's just so different from before! At least she'll stay nice and cool this summer =/ We have a cockapoo, and he gets shaved like this once a year to help stay cool over the hot months.

  4. lol!! I don't mean to laugh but I seriously about died when I saw the before and after. That's crazy!!!!

  5. OH MY! That is definitely a different look for her. I hope it grows out quickly!

  6. Awwww poor girl!!! I would've never guessed that either... but she does look like a poodle lol So so glad it will and already is growing back!!

  7. We get one of our cats (the long-haired one) shaved almost every month. She has a fluffy face and tail and looks like a baby lion. It's hilarious and adorable.

  8. I can understand the shock. She definitely came out looking like a different dog. But she's still adorable. And you're right, it will grow back.

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