Friday, May 5, 2017


Happy Friday!!

I made The Pioneer Woman's Bowtie Chicken Alfredo dish and it was delicious and husband approved! It's one of her simple 16 minute meals...which I am loving!

One of my absolute favorite things to do every afternoon (when the weather is nice) when I get home is to sit out on our patio and read while Reagan plays. Reagan loves running around and I love that she's getting some of that built up energy out from being up all day. We finally decided to purchase some patio furniture and I am beyond excited!! This weekend or next weekend we are going to buy a new patio table since our shattered a few weeks ago. I can't wait for summer nights on the patio!!

The cube organizer we bought a few weeks ago delivered without the hardware so we contacted the company and they finally sent us the hardware pack that we need to put it together. Matthew put it together before the Pred's game the other night...
and Reagan and I supervised ;)

I got a notification the other day while I was at work that there was motion in front of our doorbell so I checked and this little guy was hanging out by our doorbell!

It is going to be rainy and cool this weekend and we are supposed to be having our neighborhood yard sale in the morning...fingers crossed the rain holds off until Saturday afternoon. My sister is coming over tonight and I am making chicken enchiladas and queso...happy Cinco de Mayo Friday!

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