Thursday, April 6, 2017


Tuesday morning our neighbor text Matthew and asked if we wanted tickets to the Predator's game that night. He had four all inclusive tickets for the last regular season home game that night and we immediately accepted. I wish I would have taken a video of Matthew because he was so excited! We were just talking a couple of days before about how we wanted to go to the last home game, but never got around to looking in to it just worked out! Matthew immediately called our best friend, Ethan, and told him that he and Rachel were coming to the game with us that night to cancel their plans if they had any lol, thankfully they didn't. So after work I ran home to take Reagan out and Ethan and Rachel met me and then we headed to Matthew's office to pick him up. The weather was perfect so we didn't have to pay for parking in a parking garage, so our whole last-minute-double-date-night was free! Woo hoo for having the best neighbors ever! The all you can eat buffet was pretty nice too ;) 

This girl is just the cutest thing ever. She has been l-o-v-i-n-g the warmer weather outside and loves to just lay in the grass and roll around while I read on the patio in the afternoons while we wait for Matthew to get home from work. We have two baby gates up downstairs that prevents her from going in the dining room, Matthew's office and upstairs. Last night we took one down for a little bit and forgot to put it back up. We were watching TV and just assumed she was under one of our recliners like she always does but turns out she was ready for bed! We found her laying on the stairs waiting for us to come up to bed lol. When she is ready for bed she definitely lets us know each night.

Yesterday they were calling for sever weather in the afternoon. They kept talking about potential tornadoes and hail, and even let a lot of school out 2 hours early and our Wednesday night church service got cancelled. The weather was beautiful all day yesterday and I was able to eat lunch outside while Reagan played. I thought the weather would be bad by time I got off so I even let her play outside at lunch a little longer than normal. It was extremely windy all day but I didn't think too much about it since I knew we had storms coming.

When I got off the weather was still really nice out, sunny and very windy still but that's it. I kept getting weather alerts on my phone of tornado watches and to "take cover now" but we never saw a dark cloud in the sky lol it was definitely very odd. I do know some places around us got a lot of hail but we never got anything, except a ton of high winds. The wind was so bad that it turned our patio table over and shattered the top. I am so bummed that happened, since I usually eat lunch out there everyday while Reagan plays and we occasionally eat dinner out there, but I'm thankful that's all that happened. I know there were trees down in some places. This was the patio set that I bought for my apartment in Cookeville, so it's a little bittersweet to see it go. 
I snapped this picture after I got the "take cover now" notification lol.

On Wednesday nights I usually try to plan a quick and easy meal since we have church, so I had planned on making egg and bacon sandwiches. Matthew asked if we had any biscuits in the freezer and said he was really craving a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit but we didn't have any so I told him I would just make french toast since we needed to use the bread before it went bad lol. Well when I got home and remembered church had been cancelled and that we had extra time I decided to try and make homemade biscuits. I had never made them so I was pretty nervous about how they would turn out, but much to my surprise they turned out pretty good! After I made the dough up for one batch I realized it didn't take that long and was actually pretty easy so I decided to make another batch up and then freeze the leftovers. They were husband approved and now I don't have to by the overpriced  biscuits at the store!
 Funny little thing to note about our dinner last night...The directions for the biscuits said to bake them at 450 so I completely forgot the oven was on 450 when I put the bacon in and set the timer...when I went to check on the bacon it was completely burnt lol. So egg and cheese biscuits it was! You win some and you loose some ;) I had a jelly biscuit with eggs on the side.

Also, another funny story...I usually pick up groceries on Thursday or Friday afternoon when I get off of work. Well I was sick last Thursday so I didn't get groceries on Thursday or Friday.
Back at the beginning of the month I had gone over our weekly grocery budget a little so I knew I had to watch what I bought to stay within budget. I went through our pantry and freezer and realized that we had plenty to get by for the next week and that I would only need to pick up a few things to complete some dinners. I kept putting off going to the grocery store until Sunday afternoon when I realized I better grab a few things so I could be prepared for the week. So off I went to the store and only got the things on my small list to make sure I stayed within budget. I got home and told Matthew how I stayed within budget and he informed me it was April the 2nd...and that our grocery budget had started over, and not only had we stayed within budget for groceries, but we were under budget for groceries in March...LOL. If I had known that I would have definitely picked up some Halo Top ice cream... ;) That just goes to show how staying home from work one day during the week can throw off my whole schedule and get me confused on what the date is, or that I was just not paying attention lol. So woo hoo for accidentally staying under budget!


  1. That's so much fun y'all got to go to the Preds game last minute! What a fun surprise! I am so bummed that your table turned over like that - I saw your snap and gasped. I can't imagine cleaning all of that up :( Your homemade biscuits look heavenly!!

  2. Life has been good lately, minus that shattered table - so sad! The game sounds like it was awesome, and I love your grocery budget story. Totally something I would do! You have to share your biscuit recipe. I have never tried to make them myself!

  3. Homemade biscuits are the best, aren't they? I always thought they were really hard to make but I made some for the first time a few months ago and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was and how good they tasted. Yay for accidentally staying under your grocery budget too haha

  4. That stinks about your patio table! Good excuse for a new one for your new back deck this summer though :) Your biscuits look delicious!

  5. yay for accidentally being under the grocery budget lol. i love a fresh new month when it starts over. your poor table! that is so sad. glad nothing else happened though, but still. that's sad :(

  6. Your grocery budget skills are fantastic. I really need to start ordering online and picking up, so I buy less stuff, haha.


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