Friday, April 28, 2017


It rained all last weekend which resulted in cancelling all of our plans for Saturday, which then resulted in a lazy day...and it was FANTASTIC! We watched TV, napped and I did a little cooking/baking...the perfect day! Sunday we left early and made it to Cookeville in time for church that morning. It was so good to visit our old congregation and to see all of our old friends! 
WE MISS IT SO MUCH. We spent the whole day in Cookeville, which was so nice for a change, and got to stop by a few of our favorite spots. After church that evening we had a going away party for one of our favorite ladies, Ms. Judy. She is moving to be with her family soon and we had a dinner to honor her and all of her hard work over the years!
I love Sno Shack and wish we had one here in Nashville!!
I made these strawberry white chocolate chip cookies to take to the dinner Sunday night and they were so good. I love anything with white chocolate in it!

Monday morning Matthew left early for a training all day in downtown Nashville and I headed out soon after him, only to realize my keys were locked in my car...womp womp womp. He couldn't leave training and I tried to get an Uber to work (lol) but they wouldn't be there for another hour. So I called the police department (not 911, I know better than that!) and asked if they offered that service...and they did. For FREE! Woo hoo! They were there within 10 minutes and my door was opened 5 minutes after that. The police department in our town is THE best! The office was super nice and she had hot pink handcuffs...girl.freakin.power. 

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day and my company/office/coworkers spoiled me with the prettiest flowers!

I spent most of this week training a few different people at work and it has been exhausting lol. My throat was sore by Thursday afternoon and I have been hoarse all day today...I sound lovely ;)

 We use the app called OfferUp in our area and have successfully sold a quite a few things. I posted my vanity on there to sale because I don't use it anymore since I have one built into our bathroom counter and it sold very quickly! I was sad to see it go because it was one of my favorite pieces but I just don't use it anymore. It was still in great condition and I hope that the girl who bought it from us enjoys it as much as I did!
Here is a picture of it from back when it was in my apartment in Cookeville.

Matthew's car needed a little work done on it so I got to take him to work one day this week and I enjoyed our morning car date! 

My sister turned 20 on Tuesday, and here is a picture of a picture from the day she was born! #softsmiles for Mady's birthday. We are celebrating this weekend, woo hoo!

I snapped this at my parents house the other night...golden hour is my favorite hour!

Reagan and I went to my sister's first softball game of the season this past week. Everyone loved her outfit and of course, she loved all the attention! 

Happy Weekend!! 
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  1. Y'all have been up to a lot!!! Those cookies look delicious - I hope you've been enjoying that mixer! That worked out so well that cop could come and open your door as quick as she did!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  2. Lazy rainy days are the best! Beautiful flowers :)


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