Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Let's back up all the way to the Saturday before Easter (4/8/17). I talked to my mom that afternoon and she told me that she thought my dad had caught a stomach bug. He had been out in the yard working that day and got pretty sick. Fast forward to following morning, I talked to my mom after church and she said my dad was feeling worse and had even had some chest pains, but was being stubborn and didn't want to go to the ER. I got off the phone with mom and told Matthew I thought we needed to go home so I could make my dad go to the ER to get it checked out and he completely agreed. So we changed out of our church clothes and got a few things for Reagan and headed home. We decided that I would drop Matthew and Reagan off at his parents house and I would go to my parents house and try to convince my dad to go to the ER. I honestly thought it was going to take me all afternoon to try and convince him but after 10 minutes I asked him if he was going to the ER in his house shoes or if he wanted to change shoes...he gave me the look...and I gave it right back lol and he changed shoes and off we were to the ER (he can be stubborn when he wants, but I learned it from somewhere ;)). Luckily I only had to tell a few white lies to get him to the hospital, but it worked and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. My dad's side of the family has a very long history of heart problems/heart attacks so I was not going to chance anything. My mom and I waited with him at the ER and they immediately took him back- PSA: keywords to get you taken back immediately....high blood pressure, and chest pains. They were hooking him up to the EKG machine before I could even get him completely checked in. We ended up spending the whole afternoon in the ER while they ran some test and did blood work, thankfully everything came back perfectly normal and they said he was really healthy (PRAISE!), but it wouldn't hurt to start seeing a cardiologist regularly. So I called first thing Monday morning and scheduled him an appointment. What had made him so sick and caused chest pains- weed killer poisoning. He had just mixed up some weed killer that Saturday and stared spraying the yard when he got really sick. The doctors at he ER said there wasn't really anything to do but to just let it get out of his system. He had a weak stomach for the next couple of days but it finally was out of his system around Tuesday. He was wearing gloves but not a mask, so they think he just inhaled it (it was kinda windy) and it instantly made him sick...lesson learned, he'll be wearing a mask from now on when using it! Overall it was a scary couple of days, but we are so incredibly thankfully it wasn't worse. This picture was from last summer.

Monday night my BIL and girlfriend called us to let us know that they were ENGAGED!!!!! He had just proposed and they were calling all of their family and friends to let us know. Woo hoo! We are so excited to be adding to our family and I get another sister! I stole this picture from their facebook page, but look how gorgeous her ring is. They are planning on getting married this fall, so it's going to be an exciting next few months!!!!

I took the following Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. On Tuesday Matthew and I were supposed to go to Cookeville for $3 Tuesday with our college ministry that we were apart of when we lived in Cookeville, but Matthew ended up having to work so I just took the day off anyways lol. I did meet Matthew for lunch close to his client's office and after that I went and got my nails done for Easter. Since my Easter dress was pink and white and Matthew was going to be wearing green/navy I decided to go with a pretty pastel purple. It is Polly Want a Lacquer? by OPI and I love it!
I spent the rest of the afternoon taking Reagan on a walk in our neighborhood and letting her play in our back yard while I read and did things around the house.

I took off Wednesday because my sister was receiving an award at school later that afternoon. Since I had the morning open I decided to take Reagan to Lowe's with me and look at flowers. It was my first time taking her and I was a little nervous that she would freak out but she did great and LOVED all of the attention from the workers and other shoppers lol. 
I ended up just getting a hanging pot of impatiens for our back patio. I do plan on getting some ferns soon for out two planters out in front of the house.

That afternoon I went to my parents house and we headed out for Mady's award ceremony. It wasn't at her campus but at another campus that was about an hour away. It was just the four of us, since my youngest two sisters were still in school. We hate that they had to miss it and that Matthew couldn't be there for he had to work but we still had a good time!
She was awarded "most outstanding student" for the education department- she was actually the only one in that department out of all three campuses. And to make it even better they surprised her with a small scholarship for when she transfers to the university in the fall! 
 After the award ceremony we made the drive back home and stopped at Olive Garden for dinner. It was a really fun day and I was sad it went by so quickly!! I am so proud of my sister, she has worked so hard and is at the top of her class there. She is transferring to the university in our town in the fall and I know she will excel there as well! All of her professors had many great things to say about her and it's great seeing her so passionate about her future and future career!!

Friday afternoon (Good Friday) our best friends, Ethan and Rachel, got ENGAGED!!!!! We are so excited for them and can't wait to plan all the couples trips together in the future!!!! She had no idea it was coming and it was the best surprise. Ethan told her they were having family pictures that afternoon at his families lake house and that he wanted to have a couple of them taken before. So sneaky but the pictures were absolutely adorable!! We met them later that night for ice cream and to hear all about it! They are planning on getting married next year sometime. 

Saturday morning Matthew did some yard work while I cooked breakfast and worked on our dessert to take to our Easter celebrations. I let Reagan play in the backyard while he mowed the front yard and she watched him the whole time lol.
Then she watched from inside while he mowed the backyard. Girl was having a fit because she couldn't go outside while he was mowing lol.

You can read about our Easter weekend here.

- I have been obsessed with Pioneer Woman lately and trying to watch all the shows that I can. I have a few recipes of hers that I have saved and want to try over the next few weeks. I made her cinnamon rolls for family and friends back at Christmas and they were delicious. I am trying this recipe from her blog this week!

- We dropped cable last week too! When we first got married we didn't have cable for the first few months and then decided to get it. We've been noticing over the past couple of months that we really don't watch a whole lot cable so we decided to cancel it. We have Netflix and Hulu, but really only watch TV via Netflix, so we were just wasting money each month. We've been without cable a week and haven't missed it once!

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  1. Oh my goodness how scary about your Dad but glad things are ok! Yay to engagements, pretty nails and pretty flowers! I adore the pioneer woman as well girl!

  2. Wow! So glad your dad is okay!! That's just one of many reason we stick to mainly organic lawn care with our business. That chemical stuff is scary!! SO many weddings!! You all are going to have lots of excitement over the next year. I love the Pioneer Woman! Her recipes are great!

  3. So glad that your dad checked out ok - that is scary!!! Your nails look so pretty and I LOVE all the engagements surrounding you! Such an exciting time. And The Pioneer Woman is my favorite - I record her new shows and end up never deleting them because I always want to remember a recipe to try or just have it to watch whenever I want. I made her pan fried pork chops last night (minus the butter/oil the recipe called for - I just drizzled the pan with olive oil) and they were delicious! This is forever long but one more thing - I tried looking up her old shows and if you have Amazon streaming, then you can purchase all her old seasons!

  4. That's crazy about what happened to your dad! I'm so thankful he was okay but that must've been really scary! Congratulations to your BIL! That's so exciting!! Your new flowers are so pretty :) And also congrats to y'alls besties!!! So very exciting! And your sister too, goodness so many exciting things!


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