Monday, April 17, 2017


It was a very happy Easter weekend spent with our families!
Saturday morning I made Easter crack for dessert for our Easter celebrations. I ended up making two batches and it made a ton!
Insta story stickers...I can't lol

Saturday afternoon we had Easter with my side of the family. There were plenty of sub sandwiches and desserts, and the kids did an Easter egg hunt. I am almost positive that when I was growing up the prize egg definitely didn't have that much money in it lol. 
We had the most perfect weather all weekend long, which is a nice change for once! I feel like the past few Easters it has been cold and rainy. Sunny and 80 is my favorite!
Saturday night we headed to Matthew's parents house to stay the night. We got there in time for the Pred's second playoff game- they won! It was a good game, but I definitely struggled staying awake for the whole game ;) 
Sunday morning we went to church and lunch with Matthew's parents. They took us to a new (to us) place in town called Slim Chickens, and it was so good! It was the cutest place and we can't wait to go back.
Sunday afternoon we headed to my mema's house for our last Easter celebration of the weekend. It was good to see everyone and get to hang out with them for the afternoon!
sisters with our mom
 The whole family with mema
Reagan was loving all of the attention this weekend!

The weekend definitely wore our girl out though...she slept like this for at least an hour while we sat around talking, and then on the way home she was standing in Matthew's lap while he was driving and she kept falling asleep standing up lol. 

Reagan definitely enjoyed her Easter basket this year. It was filled with all her favorite treats and some new toys. The cutest little bunny!

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  1. I am just in love with your pink Easter dress! Where did you get it?! Sounds like such a fun weekend, poor little Raegan, such a sleepy pup!

  2. Happy easter! You have such a photogenic family! That Easter crack looks delicious!

  3. Loves your dress- and all your sister's dresses too! :) You all look great. And I saw your instastory about about the Easter crack, YUM!

  4. Looks like a fun time! I really like your dress!

  5. Sounds like a great Easter weekend! Love your dress!

  6. What a fun Easter with family! I ADORE your Easter dress!!

  7. Your dress was so pretty!!! And Reagan is too cute!

  8. I love Reagan's smile. She is too cute!

  9. Glad you had enjoyable Easter. Love the little dress on Reagan.


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