Monday, May 15, 2017


Friday night we loaded up the car and headed to Murfreesboro for the weekend. We got to meet the newest addition to our family...Pumba the Pug! My BIL & SIL picked him up Friday on their way into town so we got to meet him! Reagan wasn't so sure about him and it was so funny to watch her around him!!
We ate dinner and then watched the Pred's win in OT...well Reagan and I went to bed when they went into OT we couldn't make it any longer.

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Saturday after breakfast, I went to my parents house and hung out with them all day. We ran errands, I baked my mom a pink lemonade cake and my MIL a strawberry pie, did things around the house and just got to hang out! It was a fun day and we stopped for a Starbucks trip that morning, too! I picked up this adorable top at Old Navy and a new pair of white skinnies, it was time!

Saturday night we went to my cousin's graduation party and got to see a lot of family! The weather was gorgeous this weekend!

Sunday we went to church and then back to Matthew's house for lunch with his mom and maw maw! Sir Pizza and strawberry pie makes for a good lunch!! We stopped by and saw my mom on the way out to give her, her Mother's Day gift and card. 

Later last night I did a little breakfast prep and made Christina's breakfast sandwiches! Breakfast prep makes the mornings flow so smoothly for the both of us, and these were super easy to make.

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  1. Breakfast prep is such a great idea! I really need to start taking advantage of those.

  2. Those sandwiches sound really good. And they seem so easy to make!

  3. What a fun weekend!! Your newest family member is so adorable!!

  4. Yum, a pink lemonade cake!!?! :)


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