Thursday, May 11, 2017


It's spring time which also means that it is prom season for all the high schools in our area, and most parts of the country from what I can tell on everyone's Instagram stories!! So I thought it would be fun to do a throwback (#tbt) post to when Matthew and I went to my senior prom together... 6 years ago!! 

Back to spring of 2011 we go...
Matthew and I had been dating almost a year at this point, and it was obvious that I was going to ask him to be my date to prom, but I still wanted to "ask" him. So my two best friends and Matthew's brother, Nathan, helped me. 

A few weeks later it was prom day! I think I went to school for half a day to take a test in one of my classes that morning and then left to get my nails done. My mom and nanny took me to get my nails done at the salon my nanny goes to and then it was time for hair and makeup. My best friend's mom did my make up and then it was time for me to get in my dress, jewelry and shoes. I should mention that it rained and stormed ALL day that day. There were actually flood watches out and our parents were on high alert with us driving everywhere and staying out late that night. Thankfully we all got around safely and avoided any accidents!

Matthew picked me up at my house and we made a couple of pictures there with each other and my family. Matthew gave me a beautiful corsage to wear and I had given him a matching boutonniere to wear.

Since it was raining so hard pictures outside were definitely out of the question, so our backup plan was to meet up at the courthouse on the square in our town with my two best friends and their dates for group pictures. It is really pretty inside, but the lighting was terrible, and a lot of other people had the same idea from our high school. 
my parents
 Matthew's parents 
my two best friends, Kathleen and Sarah

Group pictures

Thankfully the porch on the back of the courthouse was covered and we were able to get a few outside shots. All of our parents were standing under umbrellas with their camera lol.

Matthew's older brother let him borrow his truck to drive us around in

After pictures we all headed to a restaurant for dinner and then we headed to the country club, where our prom was held. My high school holds an "after prom celebration" every year in the gym at our high school, to keep kids off the streets so late and from partying. The theme that year was "casino night". They had a ton of games downstairs and then a "casino" upstairs. 

It was a fun night with our best friends, and I love that we have these memories to look back on and to one day share with our kids, Lord Willing! 

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  1. You guys are so cute!! I didn't know you had been together for that long! :)

  2. Your prom dress is very pretty. My oldest son had prom a few weeks ago. It was cold and rainy so we had to do pics indoors too.

  3. Y'all are seriously the cutest!!! Love these pictures!


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