Thursday, August 7, 2014

Attitude changer

Have you ever just made a list of things you love or things that make you smile?
If you are having a bad day try this! It will definitely lighten up your mood a little :)
Here is my list I came up with yesterday after I had just gotten chewed out by three different customers in one phone call while working on two previous calls :)
Clocking out of work for the day on a Friday...seriously the best
Realizing yesterday morning that Matthew packed my lunch for me the night before while I was at girls night.
Getting a shirt off the clearance rack and then it ringing up even cheaper than the clearance price
Taking a car nap on my lunch idea ever
Getting new antique plates to add to my collection for a steal of a deal!!
A stranger holding the door for you when your hands are full.
Fuzzy socks in the dollar section of Target
Grocery shopping with Matthew...I don't know about y'all but I love grocery shopping with my man!
Girls craft night
Knowing that fall is right around the corner
And then all the holidays that follow!!!!
Watching a little girl at church imitate the song leader as he is leading a song..cutest thing ever
Matthew's softball season starting up. Love watching that boy do work on the field!
Making these bad boys for my pantry to keep the ants o-u-t.
Coupons/discount codes/Retail Me Not app
My new schedule at work...getting off at 3:30 everyday...a dream I tell ya ;)
Finding gift cards you thought you had already used...HELLO $25 to Target
Seeing old friends from high school getting engaged to the love of their life. So sweet!
A good chicken salad sandwich from my favorite BBQ place here, Stroud's :)
Chalk art...I'm obsessed
Getting THE funniest snapchats from friends
This perfect makeup. My go to

Make a list of things that make you happy and see how your mood changes!
It makes you remember that you are SO blessed that's for sure!! 

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