Wednesday, August 27, 2014

updates + announcement!!

These past couple of weeks have been hectic but I am loving every minute of it!
All last week we were preparing for the semester to start back up and with the fall semester starting up comes welcome week. Thursday was Tech's great move in day. All the freshmen move into their dorm and there are a TON of activities going on. Last year I was able to be there and it was my first time to experience great move in day and I loved it!! Literally so much excitement all in one day. This year I had to work but thankfully we were slow enough and I was able to get off for the day at 10:00! I was SO excited and headed straight to the SOC house to help.
-We had our first event of the semester, Refuel, on the president's lawn.
Then headed back to the SOC house for singing and a short devo
 The SOC house on great move in day!
-There were activities over the weekend but we went home for my sisters birthday! Can we just talk about how grown up she looks?!?!? She is 11 going on 18!
-Monday the SOC had a scavenger hunt across campus. I love scavenger hunts but it was SO hot.
Here is one of our tasks, take a picture in Sherlock park, there was a hashtag written in the sand, you just can't really see it lol. #struggling
Then we went back to the SOC house that night and had a huge game of volleyball
-I run the SOC Instagram and Twitter and love it. I think it's a great way for new students to see what we are all about through pictures and it helps keep them updates on upcoming events!
-Matthew hasn't been able to attend as many events as he would like to due to the fact that he has been studying non-stop. You know it's crunch time when he can't even leave the library for dinner. We had a lil 30 min date in a study room of the Tech's library :)
**I am also THRILLED to say that Matthew and I have been asked to be student coordinators for the SOC. We were asked back in May and have been working to get everything ready for this year and will continue working for the SOC. The SOC holds a special place in my heart, and I am beyond excited for this opportunity to help grow the SOC and bring people to Christ, along with Scott, our campus minister and the other student coordinators.
 SOC fall retreat- 2012
SOC fall retreat- 2013


  1. 1- I want to go back to college
    2- Your little sister is SO cute!
    3- YAY for the awesome opportunity!!!! :)

  2. aww girl that is so EXCITING! Congrats :) ahh, your little sister is adorable!!

  3. Well, CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting!! It seems like your heard work and dedication have paid off!!! What a treat. Also, this day looks like a blast.

  4. Congrats Shelby! You'll do so well :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  5. Congrats!! You will both do a great job, you're so dedicated :)


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