Monday, August 11, 2014

A cleaning weekend

This past weekend was good. So good.
Friday night Matthew had to study so we grabbed a pizza at Marcos and then he went back to his apartment to study. I went to my apartment and started laundry and watching Friday Night Lights.
I picked up a little around the apartment and then six hours later I was almost finished with season three of Friday Night Lights and I had started and almost finished three new paintings. Yes, I watched six hours of Friday Night Lights and it was great. I love having some alone time every now and then and this was the first weekend we have been able to stay in Cookeville in over a month so it was just great.
Saturday I woke up in a cleaning mood which was good because it was cleaning day at the SOC house. We didn't have to be there until 10 to start cleaning, so I took advantage of that free time Saturday morning and deep cleaned my apartment and organized a little bit more.
We cleaned the SOC house for a good four hours and it looks A LOT better! We had a lot of help which was great and had everything ready for our cookout that afternoon. It was a cookout for returning students and new incoming students. The rain kept us inside, unfortunately but we still had a good time playing games and watching football. I am SO excited for school year to start back and for everyone to be back from summer break. We have a lot of fun things planned for the SOC and I am excited! Also, my two old roommates were back in Cookeville for the cookout and it was the first time we had all been together since May.
It was so good to have everyone back together again for a little bit!!
Sunday after church we went back to my apartment and had poppy seed chicken for lunch and it was delicious! Matthew went back to his apartment to study and I went grocery shopping and then last night we went to hear one of our friends preach and he did great!
As always this weekend went by way too quickly but it was a good one!! 

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  1. I love those rare nights I can just binge-watch something without a care in the world!! :) Glad you had a fun weekend... you are making me want to go back to college, lol!!


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