Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites

1. This weather we have had lately. It got down to 57 the other night! It was actually a little chilly when I walked out of my apartment this morning to head to work. I'm not complaining though! I'm not ready for winter by any means but I am enjoying a little cool weather.
2. We are going to Chattanooga this weekend to visit Matthew's brother and I am so excited!
I just love these views :)
3. We had our last summer Refuel last night. Less than a week until all the students are back and all moved in for the fall semester and I am SO excited. This might just be one of my favorite times of the year. We have so many fun things planned and I can't wait to finally get everything started!!

4. I am playing softball again for the city and it's really fun! I haven't played in years so I am definitely rusty but I'm warming up a bit!
5. I have been collecting antique plates for awhile now and one of my friends was selling some and a got one of the best deals of my life on them. To say I am obsessed would be an understatement.
I'll post more about them next week but I though I'd leave y'all with a lil sneak peak of them. Seriously they are perfect and y'all are probably thinking I am a crazy lady for obsessing over antique plates, but I don't care lol. 


  1. I haven't been to Chattanooga since I was a child. I really need to get back! It looks beautiful.

  2. Oh my word, those antique plates are gorgeous. I've actually been thinking about looking for some online at a good price to hang a few on our walls!!! Enjoy your time out of town, I've never been!

  3. That first picture is SO pretty, have fun this weekend! :) Your posts about college always make me miss it... sometimes I seriously wish I was still headed back to school hehe!

  4. I would love to visit Chattanooga- have heard such good things!


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