Tuesday, August 19, 2014

weekend trips

I absolutely love traveling and getting out of town for a little bit even if it's only for the weekend. There is so much to see and I love exploring a new town. Matthew's brother recently moved to Chattanooga and began working this past May and I was finally able to go down and see him and his new apartment. Matthew has been a few times this summer.
Matthew picked me up from work on Friday and we headed out as soon as I got off. We made it to Chattanooga around 6:00 their time, they are an hour ahead of us.

We got there and went to dinner and then made a quick stop by the store. We didn't do much Friday night, just rode around and took it pretty easy. We enjoyed this beautiful sunset as we drove around.
Saturday we woke up and all made breakfast and then Matthew had to study for awhile. After he finished we watched tv for a little bit and then headed out. We drove all over Chattanooga looking at everything. Seriously, one of the prettiest places. Everywhere you look there are mountains, I can only imagine what it's going to look like in the fall.
We came back to his apartment and had a late lunch. Andrew grilled chicken and made asparagus.
Fun Fact: That was the first time I had ever tried asparagus and I actually liked it!! Matthew thought it was okay, so I am going to work with it some in the future to see if I can't get Matthew to like it even more ;)
Snapped a quick pic of my man ;)

Saturday night we went to a Lookouts game! It started at 7:15 but we got there about an hour early since it was our first time going. They did an ALS ice bucket challenge, a couple of people got to get up and throw the first pitch and then a girl got up and threw a pitch and the catcher caught the ball and walked up to her and took his helmet off and proposed to her. It was very sweet and she looked very surprised!
My dinner, we won't even talk about how many calories I consumed from it.
The sunset was incredible!! And behind that scoreboard? More Beautiful mountains.
It was a really good game and very close!
Sunday we woke up and went to church at his new church and it was very nice! Everyone was really friendly and they had a good size class, even a few single girls around Andrew's age ;) After, we ate at a Chinese place they liked and then Matthew and I headed back to Cookeville.
We ran into some pretty nasty weather on the way back but we made it just fine! You can't really tell from this picture but you could see the rain off in the distance before we ran into it.
Weekend trips are the perfect getaway and always so fun! A huge thank you to Andrew for hosting us this weekend, we really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back!!!!


  1. What a fun weekend ;) I LOVE getting away just for a couple days- it's so nice and refreshing to be somewhere different, even if it's not that far away! I can't believe you've never had asparagus until now.. we LOVE IT!

  2. A few things! 1) I have that shirt you're wearing in your first pic! I got it at Charming Charlie a couple years ago #twins. 2) you've NEVER had asparagus before now?! I love it. It's soo so tasty! 3) weekend trips are indeed the best. So glad to see you had a great weekend, cutie!

  3. Chattanooga is a beautiful city. Next time, you should check out Ruby Falls and the aquarium.


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