Thursday, September 4, 2014

Christmas List...

No not for me, but for others! This week I started making my list of what I want to get family/friends for Christmas. I know, I know it's only September, but last year I kept putting it off and I was still running around and stressing out the week of Christmas. I even picked up a few last gifts on Christmas Eve. I refuse for it to be that way this year. I want to enjoy the holiday season and not be stressed out. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy Christmas shopping, I just want to keep it that way!! :)
My goal this year:
Have all my Christmas shopping finished by...
December 13th
Am I the only one who feels this way? Please tell me I'm not.
Some of the pros on Christmas shopping early:
1. Less stress
2. Beat the crowds
3. Enjoy the holiday season
4. Save money
I would much rather spend a little bit at a time and pick up a few things here and there when I see a good sale on it instead of spending A LOT at one time and not catching the item on sale. Which is usually what happens when I wait until the last minute.
I do actually have a friend that has her Christmas shopping completely finished by the end of October every single year. When I first found that out I was shocked and thought she was crazy, but really she's pretty smart. She has the entire month of November and December to relax with her family and enjoy ALL the holiday festivities.
We'll see how I do this year with my goal. If I can do it then hopefully it will move up next year. Who knows maybe one day I will have my Christmas shopping finished by the end of October. ;) #wishfulthinking
How about you?
Do you set a deadline each year for your Christmas shopping?
 Any tips for Christmas shopping early?? I'm all ears ;)


  1. I definitely put my shopping off wayyyy too much last year and ended up rushing around like a crazy woman to finish up haha. That definitely takes some of the fun out of it, so I've been keeping my eyes out already for deals and cute ideas! Swagbucks giftcards are definitely going to come in handy! ;) Since my niece is the most fun to shop for I look yearround for her... that way I can get her MORE for less, when things are on sale ha!

  2. I worked retail all four years of college, so I mastered doing all of my shopping in one day. The Saturday before Christmas has the best sales and deals (Black Friday normally has certain items really discounted). I also saw a good idea where you buy a gift card each month of the year. You use those for Christmas shopping, so you don't overspend.

  3. I definitely prefer to get my Christmas shopping done as early as possible. My mom is really good at this and I'm hoping to get on her level at some point. Getting the shopping done early gives me more time to spend with family, and it eliminates so much stress. I try to have mine done the first week of December, but I may aim for before Thanksgiving this year!


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