Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend recap: Girls night and home!

Friday night was our first girls night of the semester for the SOC, and the first girls night I was in charge of. I was a little stressed out but we ended up having a great turnout! A couple of weekends ago I went on a ladies retreat with our home congregation and we had a little class and painted this:
So, since I knew how to do it already I decided that's the painting they could do Friday night!
It was so fun seeing everyone add their own personal touches to their painting, I loved it!!
Matthew and I drove home late Friday night so that I could make it to my sister's last soccer game the next morning, bright and early at 8:00am :) Love watching them play sports!
Saturday afternoon Matthew and I drove to Nashville to meet the rest of the SOC at Sky High and dinner! We went there a couple of times earlier this year and love it! It was definitely crowded but we got some good cardio jumping in :)
It was a BUSY weekend but we had a good time with everyone!
Please look at this road and tell me it's not GORGEOUS?!
 I can't wait to drive back down it in a couple of weeks when the leave are changing ;)


  1. Your weekend was jam packed but it looks amazing!!! :) that's such a neat painting.

  2. I absolutely love those crosses y'all painted! They are all gorgeous!


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