Wednesday, September 24, 2014

White Vanity

Last week I told you I had a package arrive on my doorstep on my birthday...
And this was what is was!!!! A couple weeks before I remember I had two visa giftcards left over from last years birthday and they were going to expire soon. I had planned on using them on a vanity but I was taking forever trying to find the perfect one.
Matthew put it together for me and I was about to explode with excitment!  

Here it is's just perfect! I absolutely love doing my makeup and hair at it each morning. It's the perfect size and holds all my makeup, nail supplies, and hair supplies!
I bought this off of Amazon. They have a ton of white vanities on there but after reading reviews on about 20 different ones, this is the one that sounded the best and I think looks the best! The stool is comfy and the mirrors on the side are able to be adjusted.


  1. She is perfect! What a great place to put on your makeup every morning!


  2. Seriously SO cute! I wish I had a place like this to do my makeup/hair every morning! Love it :)

  3. so cute and something you can keep for a long while!


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