Thursday, September 25, 2014

My best friend is engaged!

Last Friday night my best friend got engaged! It was a fun night with everyone. Her whole family was there and his parents were there to watch the whole proposal go down. He made a small slide show of pictures and reasons why he loved her and then got down on one knee.
I know their parents enjoyed being able to watch the whole thing! He had taken her the weekend before to buy a new dress that she would wear on the night he proposed to her, it was thought out very well!
At the beginning of the summer My best friend's boyfriend called Matthew to discuss engagement plans. Kathleen wanted us and our other best friend, Sarah, to be there when she ot enaged. So he followed her wishes and let us know when he was going to do it so we could be in town!
That same night I got to work and searched Etsy for a couple of days until I found this adorable bag,
I wish I could remember the shop name but I forgot it and I have searched and searched for it but I can't find it. The lady was extremely nice and this shipped so quick, I was very impressed!
Sarah and I knew we wanted to get Kathleen a few small gifts to celebrate, becuase you only get engaged once...and she HAS to have something to carry around her bridal magazines in, duh ;)
We also got her...
 The cup couln't be anymore perfect for her, those are her wedding colors!
Not pictured: The HUGE bridal magazine and ring pops ;)
 Sarah picked up these ADORABLE and delicious cookies at Julia's Bakery in town.
They had an edible picture of an engagement ring and said "congratulations" on them. They were also lined in silver spinkles. They were so cute!
It was a fun night and now the real planning begins!


  1. So cute and romantic :) And such a sweet bride gift!

  2. Congrats! So sweet that he included y'all and her parents :)

  3. Awww how sweet!! She is going to be a pretty bride!


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