Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Time for another confession post!

I dress that I bought for our anniversary pictures is my new favorite dress, besides my wedding dress of course! It's navy with cream detailing on the shoulders, but in the pictures it has a purple tint to it. So weird!

I has started back this week in our town and that means I go back to my "school time commute" as I like to call it. I take a completely different way to work when school is in to avoid two school zones and getting stuck behind school buses and in traffic. During the summer and school breaks (fall, Christmas, and spring break) I take the interstate, but other than that I take back roads to get to work. Some days my commute is shorter with my "school time commute" but if there is one wreck or anything small going on my commute it shot and it takes over an hour to get home.

I confess...even though we aren't in school anymore or have kids in school, I get excited to see all the school supplies out. Is it just me or is it a lot cuter now days?! Target is killing it with all the cute school supplies this year!

I confess...Monday's are always the longest day of the week for us and I usually try to plan something quick and easy for dinner, because we are just really tired after work. Well, this past Monday we were in the bed a little after wasn't even completely dark yet lol. Matthew watched Scrubs and I blogged until around 9 and then we were both OUT! #oldpeoplestatus

I confess...Matthew has gotten into the show Scrubs....and I just can't get into it lol. I have absolutely zero interest in it and the opening theme song gets on my nerves, every.single.time. I hear it!! It's okay, he feels the same way when I re-watch One Tree Hill episodes lol.

I confess...I thought I deleted my blog yesterday and completely freaked out. Long story short, I was trying to update my email address associated with my blog and deleted admin permission from myself (lol) but Matthew figured it out (THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE) and now I know to never try anything by myself again when dealing with my blog. I am also looking into backing up my blog in case I ever try to do something crazy like that again. Have any of you backed up your blog?  

I confess...I think this is the first year that I am actually really excited for fall to get here. Usually I want it to stay summer time 11 months out of the year, but this year I am getting really excited for all things fall!

I confess...speaking of fall, I need this dress from Old Navy, this dress from Target, and I am on the hunt for a cute pair of ankle boots. I have never owned a pair because I just can't find any that I like. I borrowed my sisters last year and that was it. I needed a pair, but since it was so late in the winter I decided to wait until this fall. So I am finally going to buy some that I like this year.

I confess...I have been eyeing this fire pit on Amazon lately. We have the perfect patio for it and I think we could get some good use out of it this fall and probably some in the winter, considering it was 70 degrees last year on Christmas day! 

I confess...I didn't mean for this to turn into a "what's on my wish-list" post, but we had a couple of Target gift cards left and used them to buy this adorable lamp last night. It is in our guest bedroom that has the coastal theme, and we're going to fill it with sand and shells that we find at the beach over the years! I'm so excited and I love them! I mean just look at this cute idea...

I confess...I tried a new recipe last week and it was a big fat fail. I took one bite and then told Matthew to pick between Sonic or McDonalds, because it was just that nasty. He chose McDonalds lol.

I confess...I tried another new recipe this week and it was a success (finally!) Cajun chicken and sausage Alfredo...I'll share it soon.

I confess...the other day I saw these in our little cafe at work and decided to try it. Well that was a mistake, now I want one every day lol. They are SO stink' good! Literally my two favorite pieces of candy mixed together, pure greatness. 


  1. Uh oh...I've been wondering about the Butterfingers PB cups and now it sounds like I definitely have to try them ;)

  2. I am so ready for fall, too! And I think school supplies have gotten so much cuter, too. There is just so much variety - I love looking at it all! I have never backed up my blog - you'll have to share if you decide to and how!

  3. Uh oh! What was the recipe fail? And don't worry, we have all done that. Well I know I have!

  4. Target = spend my whole paycheck!! Haha! Where were the polka dotted notebooks and sharpie pens when I was in HS?!?! :)

  5. That's so crazy - your dress TOTALLY looks purple in that photo! Too funny! I am excited for Fall, too! I am enjoying summer though, for now!

  6. That's too funny with your dress- although it still looks amazing! I ran into the same thing when shopping for bridesmaids dresses. The dress was DEFINITELY blue in person, but in photos it was green! Indoors, outdoors, under different lighting. The camera always changed the color!

  7. Oh man!! Can't believe school is back in session in your area already!! I'm dreading UCF getting back in session and the awful traffic... I can't believe you deleted your blog - I would've died!!


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