Thursday, May 12, 2016


I confess...I made beefy chili mac on Monday night and it was pretty good! I was following another recipe and then just kinda went my own way with it and we both really like it! There is some tweaking I need to do next time, but it was still good!

I confess...Tuesday night I was trying a new recipe and it was a COMPLETE fail. Fail as in I took one bite and told Matthew I couldn't do it and we went to Burger King for $1.99 chicken nuggets. 
Matthew was just going to eat it so he wouldn't hurt my feelings lol but it was BAD. I married a good one!

I confess...Our laundry basket it running over. I'm pretty sure the higher it gets the more intimidated I get to start on it. Just kidding, but I did kinda just stand there and stare at it for a few seconds hoping it would magically go away. Spoiler alert: it's still there. 

I confess...We had some really strong storms Tuesday night and I didn't even know we had a chance of rain coming. The wind was really strong and it was hailing like crazy. You realize you are a true adult when you are worried about your car and roof during the hail storm. (Just kidding, again, about being a real adult...see previous confession.) 

I confess...A new Jimmy John's just opened up minutes...MINUTES away from my office. PRAISE.

I confess...We found the most expensive house in our town on Zillow and drove 15 minutes away from our house to see it. Creepy? Nahh...just day dreaming (+ it's public information lol.) One of our favorite things to do is it just drive around and see what all is out there, especially in our new town, and we always end up finding cool spots to go back to. Anyone else do this? Anyways, it was on the lake and we couldn't really get a good look at it because there were a lot of trees, but their backyard was literally the lake. Here are a couple of pictures from Zillow.
Their backyard
aerial view
The yellow line below shows their property's literally like their own little island.

I confess...I pulled up in our driveway the other day and noticed these cute flowers popping up. Of course I know nothing about flower types so I sent my dad a picture and asked what it was. Turns out, it's an iris! We have irises!!!! I am loving them so far...all two of them. Hoping those to the right of it bloom soon, too. ;)

Happy Friday eve!! 

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  1. Your beefy chili mac looks so delicious!! Don't feel bad about the failed recipe - it happens to all of us ;) My problem is Stephen will be persistent in eating it because he doesn't want to waste it, not because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings lol! Glad y'all are safe from the storm!! My parents were driving through there that night and after seeing your snap, I had to check in on them - thankfully they missed all the bad weather. That house is beautiful!! I've always wanted to go look at those expensive homes for sale but unfortunately, I don't think anyone would believe us if we were wanting to look at million $ houses! lol

  2. My husband and I's favorite thing to do is drive around and look at houses that are way to expensive for our budget! We do this almost once a week...#dreamers Also, our laundry looks the same. Here's to hoping it washes itself today ;)

  3. That chili mac looks delish- so I think its cancels out the recipe fail on the other night! We've all been there, more than once for me haha! We drive around and look at houses we'll never afford all the time :) Stalking is a ridiculous hobby/obsession of mine!

  4. Just so you know, the iris is the state flower of Tennessee. You can thank the 4H clover bowl for that bit of knowledge :)

  5. My laundry strategy is to have a hamper with multiple sections. We sort clothes as we change and can go a wee bit longer than we should before doing laundry. Also, we stalk Zillow. That's totally normal for married people, haha.


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