Monday, May 9, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I asked Mathew if he wanted to have a small dinner party with some of our friends for Cinco de Mayo. 2 things you should know about my husband: 1.) Boy LOVES him some tacos. 2.) Matthew loves hanging out with his best friends. So of course he was 110% on board with my dinner party idea. I hopped on Pinterest and per usual, found 1001 cute ideas, but I just didn't have the time and since it was going to be a smaller dinner I decided to keep it as low key as possible. I did find a few cute printables to have out, used our blanket we got in Mexico on our honeymoon as a table runner and our fiestaware completed our look! I was pleased with everything, but I'm already looking into cute ideas for next year. ;) Also, Cino de Mayo is on a Friday next year, PRAISE! Now, on to the pictures!

2 dishes of enchiladas, 4 pounds of taco meat, crock pot of queso, and 3 bags of our favorite taco rice! There was plenty of food and we ended up having some taco meat left over that I am freezing for another meal.

and of course Snapchat had the cutest filter!
We pulled our patio table into the kitchen to have more seats, and it worked out perfectly!

For dessert I made cinnamon dessert nachos and paired it with vanilla ice cream! 
I really wanted to make this dessert, but just didn't have the time to. Fingers crossed I can make them next year...or sometime soon because they just look so stinkin' good ;)

We aren't drinkers but I wanted to stay in "theme" so I found an alcohol free strawberry margarita to make! It pretty much tasted like a strawberry limeade from Sonic lol, but it was fun to put it in a fancy glass. I also put sugar around the rim for the last little touch!
 Like I said, we aren't drinkers, so I had to google what a margarita glass actually looked like (lol) and I still don't think this is quite it, but it's the only thing the Dollar Tree had! I stopped by there on my way home from work Thursday afternoon before our dinner and grabbed these bad boys to top off our Mexican theme. We probably won't use them until next year for Cinco de Mayo, but they were only a $1 so I'm not too worried about it!
It was really fun making them and I'm a huge fan of strawberry limeades at Sonic, that's usually what I get to drink there, so I might have to make this drink again! 

I found this frozen virgin strawberry margarita recipe here.


  1. This is so cute, Shelby! I want to go back and re-do Cinco De Mayo this year now ;) I always forget that Pinterest has millions of free printables.

  2. So fun!! We are definitely going to steal that virgin strawberry margarita recipe from you! I think we will throw a Cinco de Mayo party next year ;)

  3. Adorable!! I haven't been able to really stomach much mexican food while pregnant, but I'm hoping that changes soon because I still weirdly miss it haha. Looks like a great time!

  4. What a fun little party!! All of your decorations are so adorable (including that pineapple ;)) so glad y'all were still able to do the party!! I'm going to have to check out the drink recipe because we're not drinkers either!

  5. What a fun dinner party, especially when you basically have a theme built in. Those drinks look great, I love Sonic slushies!

  6. I was out of town this year but I can't wait for next year since it's a Friday--that will be a fun party to throw!! Love yours!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. I love that you two love Mexican so much! It's definitely our go-to dinner night out!! :) I'm still insanely obsessed with that pineapple!!!!

    PS why aren't we snapchat friends?! ;)

  8. I officially want to host a dinner party next year Cinco De Mayo! You've inspired me! Love your set up. I would love to know your crock pot queso recipe! I've been on a search for a good one. :)

  9. I am allll about Mexican food. I love the decor! And those dessert nachos...uh, yum! I need to make some of those.

  10. Looks like a great time with great food! Hope you're having a great week <3

    Edye | Http://

  11. I love Cinco De Mayo- It's the perfect excuse for tacos and friends!!! I'm with you on the strawberry limeadeas... so good!!


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