Monday, May 2, 2016


This weekend was a good one and as usual, went by way too fast! We were able to pack a lot in though. Friday night was date night. We went to Outback for dinner and then made a stop by Target before we headed home. We were going to go see a movie but there just isn't anything playing right now that caught our attention, so we decided to head home and watch the Preds game. The puck didn't drop until 9:30 central time and I was already dozing off by 9:15 :) I slept through most of the game and only woke up when someone scored because of Matthew's reaction lol. Sadly we lost.
I picked up this adorable pineapple door mat at Target Friday night, and now Matthew has officially banned me from buying anything else pineapple related lol bless him! I just really love the natural light that pours in our entryway. It's so bright and I LOVE it!

Saturday we woke up and decided to go on a donut and shopping date. We drove to the donut place in our new town, but they are closed for a few weeks, so we went to the one close to where we used to live. After our breakfast we headed to JC Penny to find Matthew some shorts. I found a coupon and the shorts were on sale and we couldn't turn that down. We found some he really liked and ended up finding him some shirts for work. Woo hoo! 
We were almost back home when Matthew got a notification text message that the mailman had tried to deliver a package but we had to sign for it so they would try again another time. Matthew had been tracking that thing all week and didn't realize we would have to sign for it, so he decided to drive through the whole neighborhood until we found the mailman....
turns out he was in the back of our neighborhood, just a few streets over from ours lol. We got our package and Matthew was a happy camper!

I cleaned up around the house while Matthew installed our new smart thermostat! The people who lived there before us did a very poor job on installing the last one so when Matthew removed the old one there was some drywall damage. Matthew made a Lowe's run to get some stuff to patch it. 
 I didn't get a picture of the finished product and our new thermostat because we had to rush out the door to make it to my sister's birthday party. For some reason I didn't get a single picture at her party, but we had a good time! She has been into baking cakes a lot and decorating them lately so she wanted to make her own cake. It was so good and looked so cute, definitely better than any store bought cake! When we got back home Saturday night Matthew finished the last little bit up on the thermostat and I did one of my favorite masks. I can't remember what it's called, but it's a sea mineral mask and I LOVE it. I've been using it for the past two years or so. Matthew always calls me a smurf when I have it on. :) 

Sunday after church we did our usual, lunch, pick up groceries, but seriously we took a small nap and paid for it last night when we couldn't fall asleep at a decent hour!! We ran by the local butcher shop and stocked up on meat for our cooking day. It was on sale so we were able to get a ton of meat for a reasonable price.
We got started very quickly on our freezer meals, and I'm so pumped to have our freezer stocked!
Matthew and I really enjoy cooking, so we had the best time cooking everything together and just talking about anything and everything. Love that sweet husband of mine!


  1. A weekend spent with the husband = the best kind of weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend! :) I have totally tracked down our mailman before when I had just missed a package that needed signed for haha- too funny! And YAY for a stocked freezer, I got a few things prepped for our freezer over the weekend too!

  3. I love your entry way - all of the natural light, the wood floors and the staircase gives me all the heart eyes - and the new pineapple rug is the perfect touch ;) Cooking together is such a sweet time! I hate it when naps ruin a good night sleep on Sundays! I took an hour nap on Saturday evening and of course that didn't ruin my sleep but if it's on a Sunday, forget about it lol Glad y'all had a fun weekend :)

  4. I love that you chased down the mailman! That must have been one heck of a package lol!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. HA, that is great you can get alerts like that and stalked the mail man. :)

  6. I love that you prep your meals! And your house is looking great!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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