Friday, April 29, 2016


T-7 hours until the weekend!

- Tuesday night after we got off of work we headed to Chattanooga. Matthew had his test the following morning at Erlanger. To say our experience at Erlanger was a disaster would be an understatement. I'll go more into detail about it next week. We meet with the neurologist this Thursday morning. 

- As soon as we got home Tuesday afternoon we realized our air wasn't working for the downstairs area. We were about to head to Chattanooga and there wasn't anything we could do about it right then anyways. We called Wednesday and the earliest they could fix it was Thursday afternoon. We were so glad that is was just the downstairs area. We got home late Wednesday night and it was 82 in our house!!! THANKFULLY we are still under our warranty so we just had to pay for the service fee. 

- If all goes as planned, this Sunday Matthew and I have decided to have a cooking day after church! We are going to make breakfast burritos, grill up some chicken, and I'm going to make a few pounds of meat! I'm really excited and more than ready to have our freezer STOCKED!

- We have also decided to start having small 'meetings' on Sundays. It sounds weird to call it 'meetings' lol but we're just going to sit down, without any distractions, and discuss any plans we have that week, budget, and goals! We're both really excited about this and think this will help out a lot! Do you have weekly 'meetings'? Anything else we should go over? 

-Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day, and since I was off of work, my office surprise me on Thursday! I had no idea this was even a thing so I was definitely overwhelmed yesterday with all the sweet words and gifts!! My office had this beautiful arrangement sent to me
and they also gave me a card with two gift cards in it. So sweet and thoughtful.

My friend at work also gave me a rose bush to plant at our house! She knows I've been itching to plant something pretty and surprised me with this. 
I don't say it enough, but I really am thankful for where I work, and all the people I get to work with.

- I made a small thing of chicken salad last night and I was trying to hurry so I could go to bed after, so I wasn't really using my "clean as you go" motto that I always try to follow. So my kitchen ended up being a big ole mess. So here are some 'real life' snaps for you! 

- Saturday we are celebrating my sister's birthday, and I still can't believe she is 19!! I feel so old when I think about it lol because most of the time I still feel like we should be 19. It's so crazy!

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  1. Wow, that is so sweet of everyone in your office!!! It really makes such a difference to feel appreciated and loved in your work environment, doesn't it?!

  2. I'm interested to hear about your appointment! Glad your A/C is fixed :) That was so sweet of your co-workers!! I like the weekly meeting idea. We kind of do that at least once a week during our busy season to just make sure we're on track for the week and know what needs to get done, cooked, where to be, etc. You talking about it reminds me we need to get back to doing that to help stay organized!

  3. So sorry about your bad experience! We will be praying for you and your hubs!! I died laughing at your snap of dinner last night because my kitchen looks the same way when I cook! Happy weekend, friend!

  4. aww sorry about the experience friend. eeks! so glad i came across your blog! hope you'll stop by mine! happy friday!

  5. We do Sunday sit downs to talk about the upcoming week and it has helped us so much! We go over if my husband will be late for dinner any day coming so I can mentally prepare what we will have for dinner that night, any errands or things that need to get done, and whatever else is coming. Super helpful!

  6. Oh my goodness - the AC went out on top of the whole Chattanooga thing!? So glad you were able to get it fixed and it was covered under warranty! We used to have those "meetings" when we were dating - I don't fully remember what we covered but we wrote down goals and things we wanted to work on. That was so sweet everyone surprised you with stuff for admin day! Happy birthday to your sister too!


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